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    I paid the $ to take that test for toxins and I couldn't see anything on the screen. I couldn't see any blue things and which way they were going. Is this common for this test? Is it my screen or my eyes? I only could see the first 2, that was it. I asked for my $ back.
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    Kellygirl, I took the VCS test twice on two different computers and got two different results. But I still could see most of the lines until the end (if I did the test right).

    There are so many variables that could affect your test: your eyes have to be at least a certain prescription with glasses. If you need glasses to take the test you should wear them. Your head should be so many inches from the screen. Your computer has to be so many bits of color. Someone on the message board took the computer test twice and got a different answer at the doctor's office where they took the test "correctly."
    It sounds like in your case you could use a second opinion!
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    I now have done this test twice on the computer, I did have the setting set how they instructed on the site and my head was so many inches away from the screen (forget the details).I also had my glasses on. I have also taken the test in the doctor's office twice. My results were pretty close. Depending on how the neurotoxins have affected your eyes, you will not be able to see some of the lines. The first time I took it I just laughed because I thought most were blank. The last time I took it I couldn't believe the difference. The same thing happened at the doctor's office. I told the doctor I was glad she had gotten a NEW card for the test! Feeling better every day. Thank whomever for cholestyramine!