Vedic Tradition: The Basics of Quantum Healing

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    This is a very interesting piece by Deepak Chopra MD.



    ETA I've just read this again and I gotta say, because he brings in so much marvelous research, from so many disparate disciplines, this essay is totally fascinating!

    Also, I just checked out the site on which I found it which is a very interesting and unusual Christian site about which I know, basically, nothing.

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    science, in particular physics, and the far eastern traditions are increasingly in accord. We are now "discovering" things about the physical world that were described thousands of years ago in these belief systems.

    This might be better as a new thread but it is relevant here, in a big way which can only be fully appreciated after reading Chopra's fantastic piece.

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    This is the first Deepak Chopra that I've read, too!

    What I find most interesting is the way the Vedic tradition reconciles with science! How did they understand thousands of years ago what science is just discovering now? That is really a mind blower.

    And, like you, I find Quantum physics fascinating but a little bit hard to grasp. Ok, who am I kidding, a lot hard to grasp. But, I actually understood what he was saying which was great.

    I've been a bit of a Deepak Chopra snob in the past, I must confess. I don't really know why; I just wasn't interested. I was given a couple of his books and having read this I'm very interested in finding out what else he has to say.

    Jam -- Enjoy! Hope is beautiful! A friend of mine is covering the inauguration for the CBC. Did I already tell you this? I'm so excited for her that I think I've told everyone twice!

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    the implications for physical healing are profound. I was all ready to go to an Ayurvedic doc when I finished reading. I would be very interested in seeing someone trained in Ayurveda and allopathic medicine. Something else I was not all that interested in before reading that piece despite being a major Indiaphile.