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    My friend has been disabled with FMS for over 9 years- she WAS collecting disability benefits from MET LIFE for 7 years than they cut her off without notice. They advised her the Dr's paper work wasn't in order- so after a 7 month fight with a lawyer in her corner she was reinstated. They backed paid her and was a few days of losing her house because she couldn't pay her mortgage!-S than a few years went by and MET LIFE didn't bother her. Late last year her roommate notice a car parked down the street taken pictures- so for the next week this person in the car followed my friend with FMS and took pictures and video of her going to the bank, the store, and Dr appointments. About a month ago her Dr called her and told her to come in and talk to her about her disability- when she went in the Dr he had shown her the video of her doing small errands and a letter that MET LIFE sent him telling him she isn't disabled!. The nerve! She was doing nothing in the pictures that was crazy like pushing a car! MET LIFE claims she isn't disabled because she can drive, sit in a chair, walk and bend over! Don't they know the medications she takes helps her do these small tasks? Don't they know that she is still in horrific pain and it takes so much energy to do small tasks?? YES! they do know but don't care, so they have cut her off and she has no chance of getting her benefits back unless she fights in court. METLIFE says she doesn't go to the Drs enough also! Drs cant dop anything for FMS people but medications! She goes ever 4 months and the Dr doesn't do anything! MET LIFE gave all these stupid reasons why they cut her off- it is disgusting-
    So if you or someone is on long term disability becareful not to walk, talk or stand!
    She left the house twice in 3 weeks, they sat outside all that time and pounced on her when she had to go out and get food- she knew they were following her- she said it was so obvious, they tail gated her!
    Its to the point where she cant fight anymore- I don't know what to do for her....besides that nightmare Social Security judges has turned her down three times in 9 years!
    She will lose her house, car and self respect because of these greedy insurance companies and judges who don't understand what this pain does to the human being-
    If you have any suggestions please let us there any class actions suits against MET LIFE like there was a few years ago with UNUM, they lost and had to pay up for cutting people off- We need to help her!
    I hope all of you are having better luck.... thanks, gavi
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    I feel so sorry for your friend. My mother was kicked off her disability by a private company when we moved out of state. And we couldn't get it back. It was horrible. She did get a small amount from SS, though, but most of her income had been from the private disability and we couldn't make our mortgage payments without it. We ended up losing the new house and having to do bankruptcies. And she was still a hundred percent disabled. These companies are evil.

    I only leave the house twice a month to food shop and do any other small errands, bank, get gas if needed. The rest of the time I'm too sick to go out. But when I do go out, I don't look sick to anyone and you can't tell that I feel like I'm about to collapse on the ground. No one would ever know that I'm disabled and have no life from this disease.
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    Why did the doctor show your friend the video? Is he the one that reported her? I would think the disability company would show her the video. Could they have sent a copy of the video to the doctor?


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    Have your friend join the Yahoo group Disinissues. It was started by people with our DDs who were going through things like this.

    There are a lot of people on there who know all about these tactics and could advise her.

    I'm afraid it's not unusual for LTD companies to video people. But a video cannot "show" symptoms and impairments that are not visible!

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    I have seen commercials on television of attorneys that sue the LTD insurance companies. Perhaps she could check out that possibility.

    What is your friends status with SSDI, does she have to refile??

  6. mezombie

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    Jgavi, your friend does not need to "fight in court" to get her benefits reinstated.

    The next step for her would be to file an appeal with the LTD company. It sounds like that's what she did the first time she was cut off.

    The attorney who represented her that time should know what to do. If not, there are others out there.

    If she received her LTD coverage through an employer, the law applying to this is probably ERISA. Under ERISA, this next step, the appeal, is critical, as that is the last time new evidence of disability can be brought in.

    I'm going to stress the Yahoo group Disinissues again as the best resource as your friend would be able to ask questions of members who have gone through the same thing and were able to get their benefits back.

    Obviously, for FMS, a few hours outside the house over a period of several weeks does not mean she's able to work! But MetLIfe and other LTD companies do videotape, then show the videos to the doctors, all in the hope that the disabled person just will give up. It's a very well known tactic. It's all about the money.

    But it is not something that works if good, legitimate evidence of disability is brought to the LTD company's attention.

    I'm not as familiar with FMS, but I know there are members of Disinissues who've dealt with MetLife and their videos and have had their benefits reinstated.

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    What restrictions did your friend have when she first became disabled? These
    should be set forth in the medical reports.

    Did she violate any of those restrictions on the tape? If not, it would appear
    the insurance company has made a mistake. The kind of mistake which
    a jury will penalize with a bad faith award.

    (Juries hate insurance companies.)

    Your friend should review her case with an attorney who is willing to take
    cases on a contingency biases.

  8. gapsych

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    I am confused. In another post you said that Met. Life had cut you off. Did you meet this person through the class action suit?

    I think I am a bit foggy tonight!!


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