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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by jess, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. jess

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    Hi, has anyone had this blood test or know if it is worthwhile taking. It is a blood test and if it is high it could mean Bartonella. My Dr. now thinks I may have this. He also thought I had Babesia. I was just wondering if anyone knows how helpful this test is. Thanks all, Jess
  2. frango2

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    Yes, I had this test. It was within normal range. So were my Bartonella tests, but Cipro ( main class used to Bartonella ) helped some of my 'Bartonella' symptoms.

    You may want to do the test if your insurance covers it. It could provide more answers.
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  3. Nimzovich76

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    Hopefully you have VEGF otherwise you would be dead. I don't understand a VEGF test? is this standard? or is this through a "specialized" lab?
  4. frango2

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    This is a test to see if it is unusually high.
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    Hi Jess, was just wondering what your doctor has decided, or not....... and what avenue you're pursuing?

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