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    Has anyone ever found protruding veins under the tongue.I have a ear,nose and throat specialist to go to next week.My doctor says my veins under my tongue are like vericose veins.I also feel like I got a lump in my throat on the left side.It is not a swollen lymphnode because you can't see the lump from the out side or feel it. I just know it's there..I am seeing a ear,nose and throat specialist & having a cat scan done also.I was also sent to a heart specialist and was made to wear a heart halter monitor.
    This is really embarassing the looks of my tongue.It's purple and big veins on it under it and it's starting on top of it also.I use to smoke up to 6 years ago.So if any body has had this or know anything about it please respond to me.I'll be ever so grateful.