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    I'm a member of an msn group for chronic pain. It's run by a few people and god forbid anyone has something to say or add to the threads. Some of the info they post is excellent. Some of it is downright dangerous!

    They posted an article by Dr. Staud from WebMD in may about using cough syrup, specically dextromethorphan.

    "It would be a disservice to start to recommend that either patients or physicians begin experimenting right away with dextromethorphan, because I think there are some important questions about how to minimize the side effects [of the drug]," he says.

    I google dextromethorphan and what I found was downright frightening. I posted (on the same thread) my findings of the most common side effects in the dosages high enough to make an impact on chronic pain. The most common side effects. One of them being:


    Am I supposed to apologise that I looked up information and found some that people SHOULD know before experimenting with OTC's in high dosages?!?

    I got a nasty gram saying:

    - the docs 'do not do this at home until we work out the side effects' was just a disclaimer that everybody does so they don't get sued

    - it's the purpose of this board for people to discuss things they've tried (which I wrote back -this is an eArticle, not a 'hey this worked for me post'.

    - and then I was told about not scaring other members and being an alarmist

    Needless to say, me being me, I just had to set the record straight after that pathetic attempt of 'we do our homework - stay out of it' post.

    Now they're doing it again. They've posted a 6 part series of 'how to be an herbal expert'. They actually tell people to taste test plants and herbs like a wine tasting. If it tastes bad it's poisonous. If it tastes good it's ok to take it because mother nature won't poison us with plants that taste and smell pleasnt! They even specifically tel people to taste poisonous substances so they'll know what poison tastes, smells and feels like to the body.

    I can just imagine the nasty gram I would get if I posted about this! I mean, I know better but some one in enough pain or young enough to think everything on the web is good info might think it's worthwhile to try it!

    Before I get tons of answers saying don't go back there I'll let you know up front that they do post a lot of good information as well. I try to scan between the two.

    It just really bothers me that people who are supposed to have a brain can post something this stupid!!!!!!!!! and then get defensive when anyone tries to say - wait a minute be careful here.

    Anyway, I guess I'm asking for a reality check. Am I looking at this the wrong way? Am I going overboard in my reaction to such blatant dangerous stupidity? Can you guys either validate me here or let me know it's not that big of a deal.

    I have a tendancy to go overboard - I'm a Gemini - so every now and then I do ask for reality checks. Pleae don't worry about hurting my feelings - I really am asking for honest responses.

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    You stick to your guns. The site itself sounds dangerous!!
    Wonder if anyones sued them for bad information they've published.
    I love this site. I've found out I'm not the only one with FMS thanks to you lot.
    Found quite a bit of information I didn't know about.
    You keep your good work/words up
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    a whole big bunch