venting about medicare part d, pls read

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    I know alot of you have it worse than me, at least I have medicare. But this part d, prescription coverage, is a totally useless. They give you 2510.00 to spend then u go into gap, no coverage. Then u have to spend 4050.00 out of your pocket before your gap stops. Seems to me if I had 4050.00 I wouldn;t need the darn plan. Is anyone else totally pissed about this?
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    Monthly premium in Michigan for part D with no deductible is $88. That's $1056/year just to have the minimal coverage it offers. On top of that, you have copays that can be costly:
    Tier 1 Copay is $4; Tier 2 Copay is $35; Tier 3 Copay is $70; Tier 4/5 Coinsurance is 25% of retail cost of med. If most of your meds are Tier 1 you can afford the $4 and don't need insurance. Keep in mind if any drug you take isn't in their Formulary, they cover nothing. Also, note that some meds have quantity limits and some require pre-authorization.
    Now for the donut hole: Once the total cost (what you and the insurance paid) of your meds reaches $2,840 in any given year, it pays nothing (you pay 100%) until you reach $4,550 and then you still have a copay of $2.50 for generic and $6.30 or 5% coinsurance for non-generic. In certain situations one might save money compared to not having insurance but compared to employer sponsored prescription coverage (no donut hole there) it's a joke, especially since people on Medicare are old and take much more medicine than they did earlier in life.
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    These are inaccurate posts as of 2011. Get information on Medicare and find out exactly what the rules are for the donut hole for 2011. They put out the Medicare and You books each year--READ THEM.
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    what I know is I didn't take it but pay 10.00 a month for a discount card with my bank wellness program then I go anothe discount card and it is lowering the bill and miles ahead