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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimela, Jul 18, 2003.

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    This is my first time to post and I am venting! I had a doctor's appt this week with a new rhemy that I waited four weeks to see. I made sure when I set up the appt that he treated patients with FMS and his nurse said that he did. When I got to the appt and started talking to the doctor and telling him about my 11 years of living with FMS. I told him that I was having the worst flare-up ever. He was asking me some really stupid questions (or at least I thought they were stupid) and finally I ask him if he treated patients with FMS and he said "What is there to treat, I just prescribe muscle relaxers and then they are fine". I was so mad when I left his office, I cried all of the way home. I feel so fustrated with doctors right now. I am now waiting to make an appt with another doctor who might be able to help me.
    Thanks for listening (or should I say reading!).
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    I also once called the office and talked to a nurse and was told a Rheumy treated FMS, but when I got there he refused to examine me and asked why I was taking up his time when Fibro patients live to an average age of 79 (dont know where he got that from, I've read all the research and not seen that). I told him that I was so sick I could not work, and he told me: "So what you can't work, you're a woman. Stay home". I was so mad I would have walked out, but I was sitting there in one of those stupid backless gowns. I had to pay $100 for this idiot to humiliate me. If that happened now, I would refuse to pay and threaten them with the local News channel consumer lawyer and Small Claims Court if they tried to bill me. I would not take it lying down anymore.
    I believe in karma, and these people will have a loved one come down with this illness. I have already seen it happen in one case that I know of.
    You deserve better, so keep looking until you get it.
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    I feel so bad for you. Please know that I have also gone through what you have. It's defeating & deflating to your morale. I have found that the receptionists & nurses will say that the providers do in fact care for patients with FMS, but when you get in the door, the docs gotten their initial visit $$$$, & the nurse crinkles her nose at you when you again reiterate your question regarding the FMS.

    I see that it's your first post. I'd like to suggest that you write up your entire story for your profile, so we may refer to it when you post in the future. I just updated mine in the past couple of days. I found using specific years helps, as I won't have to update for quite awhile.

    There is also a "good doctor list" here for docs that do indeed care about patients with FMS. Don't give up yet. None of us have. You've found a good place to vent. dolsgirl
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    Thanks for the message. Sometimes it is so hard because there are not many people who understand what I am going through. That is why I am glad I found this website. My husband is great but I think he gets tired of hearing about all of it all of the time.

    I found the name of a doctor in my area from this message board and now I am waiting for her office to call me back to make an appt. I hope this new doctor works out. I have not experience this kind of constant pain before. In the past it was just the arms or just the legs or just the back but never all of my entire body at one time. And the fatigue is unbeliveable. Sometimes at work I just want to lay my head down and go to sleep! Worst yet the other day I was driving home from work (a 20 minute drive) and I really was thinking about pulling over on the shoulder to just take a quick nap!! I would never do that, but it would have felt so good.

    It will be nice to have others that I can talk to about how I am feeling and to find out that I am not the only one living in constant pain.
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    Thanks for the tip about adding my profile. I will do that tomorrow as it is way past my bed time and I am beat. I already feel alittle better mentally knowing that now I have a whole community that I can talk to and they can understand what I am talking about!
    Good night!