Venting, and a Cardio/Aerobic Question

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    I’ve had Chronic Fatigue for twelve years, and it’s been fairly “in check” for the last four, with just occasional flare-ups when I push too hard. I started having, for me, different symptoms a couple of months ago, and my doctor sent me to a rheumatologist. I was kind of hoping for – I don’t know what I was hoping for. I guess a new strategy, a new course of action. Any and all progress I have achieved has been through my own “self-care.” I’ve been given no supplements, no medications (except Restoril, to help with sleep), no regiment to follow. It took me years to discover the connection of cardio exercise to how I felt – that I no longer tolerated it (I didn’t feel poorly while doing it or right after doing it, and I wouldn’t have my worst symptoms until 4-5 days later.) I know that, compared to many of you, I’m so lucky to be doing as well as I am. I can hold down a job, and my quality of life is pretty good. But I’m an actor, and an actor doesn’t make much, so I often have to try to work another job while in rehearsal, and that’s enough to send me into a “relapse.” Also, as an actor, I need a dependable body, and learning lines while in the midst of the “chronic fatigue fog” is just futile. So, (this is running on a bit, isn’t it?) I guess I was hoping I’d see the rheumy and he’d say, “let’s do this, this and this.” Instead, he said, “You’re doing everything you’re supposed to. I don’t need to see you again.”

    The one thing he suggested, which leads to the second part of the post, is that I needed to introduce cardio into my workout routine (I weight train for 45 minutes a day). He told me to start with two minutes a day, and then work up. He said, “You’ll feel bad, but you need to work through that and remind yourself that you have an illness.” I’ve been doing it for a week, have not increased from two minutes, and have felt lousy for the last five days – the chronic fatigue headache that last for days, and painkillers don’t touch, the fog, the crankiness, the sleep disruption, the muscle heaviness.

    Have others done this? Have you been able to work through it, as he suggests? How long before I start feeling better again?

    Any input/feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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    I appreciate it and will look for that post.

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