Venting and ranting at the same time.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PepperGirl52, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    There is a special coming on our local news this evening about people who abuse the SSD and WC systems (disability systems). I totally understand where they are coming from, but what bugs me, is they are lumping ALL of us into this and THAT is SOOOOO aggrivating!!!

    The previews show a woman relaxing on a beach-are we not allowed to ever have a vacation??? And then a man playing golf. We aren't allowed hobbies, either?? I suppose we're clearly supposed to be bedridden for the public to declare us DISABLED, huh??

    Of course, it's the 'THIS IS YOUR TAX DOLLARS' statement that gets me! Heck, I paid into the system for almost 30 years before I became disabled, so I think I should be entitled to get some of what I paid in when I cannot work, don't you??? AGH!!!! This just makes me SOOOO ANGRY! If they even breathe the word 'fibromyalgia', I will be on that phone so fast, their heads will be spinning!!! LOL

    The last rant I have is that when I spoke to my daughter this morning, she said 'what are you doing today?' I said, 'not much. I just got up because I had a bad night'. Her answer was 'wow, must be nice to be able to sleep in!'. So, I said, "NO, it's NOT nice when you are up all night fighting PAIN!!!!!!". What is wrong with everyone, anyway???

    OK, that's all I wanted to say......PG
  2. fivesue

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    I don't blame you in the least! Lumping everyone in the same batch is what most people try to avoid...stereotyping! All people on SSD are not cheaters and people who have disabilities can take vacations and can have hobbies...the doctors want them to be as active as possible. DUH! I agree with you at least 100%

    And people who say that they wish they could sleep 'til whenever don't realize that we have been up while they've been sleeping. You with pain, me with insomnia and pain...wandering the house and watching TV to pass the time. Just for one day I wish they could live our lives. I have a perfect candidate to live mine for a bit. Do you?

    Rant away. I hope you feel better. I did a rant myself today. Must be in the air.

    Take care,
  3. dakotasweett

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    My background (well for a few years) is in social work and I got incredibly tired of people assuming that the "majority" of people using any kind of social assistance were not in need. There will always be people who abuse the system...but it's rarely (if not never) the "majority". Unfortunately, those few people who do cheat the system make everything much more difficult for people who are truly in need.

    Just remember, the system is there for a reason...for people who really need it. Don't allow others (with some small minded opinions) to make you feel bad about getting the help you need.

    As for what your daughter said...try not to take her statement to heart. We all sometimes say things that may not be the most sensitive (I know I've done it). If she continually says things like that, kindly remind her of everything you are going through. If she doesn't often make those types of remarks, give her the benefit of the doubt- maybe she was having a bad day.

    Gentle hugs,

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