VENTING another bad experience with medical staff

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by doxygirl, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I just made a post today about my visit to the urgent care I had to go to last night......well I was thinking that I should go and get a copy of the dx since it is pertinant to my mold exposure health issues going on right now.......

    I went up to the urgent care.....and walked up to the desk.....there were THREE girls working at the front desk ( the front desk is very long ) anyhow......there was one girl to the left of me ...she looked right at me standing there and went right back to what she was doing....

    I made myself count to TEN I was getting upset for being ignored......just then the another lady that had been on the phone....she hung up looked right at me and then started messing with some papers in front of her....she looks at me again and picks up the phone to make another call..........

    By this time I was trying so hard to think of what I could possibly say without causing a scene.........anyway...I stood there for a total of SEVEN minutes ( I checked on my watch ) the girl who first looked right at me in the first place.......

    FINALLY says " have you been helped"!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to scream! She was right in front of me and knew nobody was "NOT helping me"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told her that I had been in last night and needed my dx the dr had made on me.....she says " well I'll have to go find your chart........then she finds a form and tells me to fill it out....

    I fill it out and hand it back to her.........then she says something to me...but I couldn't hear since my ears are bothering me ( plugged up ) she says with the rudest attitude " I SAID TO HAVE A SEAT AND I WILL CALL YOU WHEN I'M DONE"

    I then asked her how long it would be and she said " well I have to finish this first) she was making a chart for a pstient......and it will be 30 minutes....

    Ok,,,,I took classes in medical assisting years ago and I know that it does NOT take 30 minutes to make a chart especially when she slmost had it done ( I could see for myself)

    I said " will it be done in 30 minutes"? "because I am going to come back" she said "yes' and her face was turning red like she was MAD AT ME!

    PLEASE keep in mind I never once ( though I wanted to badly) got smart with her or rude.......

    I came out of thers so upset and frustrated.....I want to report it but who do I report it to? The office manager?

    "Oh and I almost forgot there was an intake nurse standing there saying how she was going to go home because she was tired of her job and if anyone didn't like it it was too bad!@

    She was saying it so that everyone in the waiting room could if to really say " you all make me sick I hate you , your not sick and I am not going to help you! Thats what I really heard!

    I definately needed to vent and I definately need some imput on who and how to report this......No wonder why all of us don't want to go to the Dr anymore...if it isn't the Dr it is the staff.....

  2. Engel

    Engel New Member

    Sorry you went through that. I get aggrivated too. There is no excuse for the way these people act and treat people.

    Yesterday I had to drop papers off at an attorney's office. I thought this witch there (grrrrrrrrrr) and I were going to get into a fist fight ... lol ... she was totally rude and pushy. She would have won since I am in so much pain. There is no excuse for rude treatment.
  3. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    going back into that place to get the report makes me cringe....but I have to do it!

    I hope they are not rude to me this time....I don't think I will be able to bite my tongue again.

    Thanks for your response!
  4. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    you are so is not worth it!

    The reason I think Iam so filled with frustration is that this seems to be a series of events with everywhere I is the exception to the rule when you find people that are helpful, kind and efficent!

    The other reason is that "I HAVE YTO PAY FOR THIS REPORT" they could at least have a civil attitude I don't think that is asking for too much!

    Thanks for your input,,,,,,it does count!;)
  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I would write a letter to the doctor. Also, if they are a clinic they may be owned by some corporation. I would call or look on the internet and try to find out if they have a main office, then get the name of the manager. Explain how everyone in the waiting room could hear the comments.

    Somehow, I would get names. When I am mad anywhere, I always get everyones name if possible. Sometimes it is just their first name on a name tag. That is okay because I say the time I was there, etc.

    I really don't ignore this anymore. I even wrote Taco Bell last night, included the franchise number, time I was there and my big complaint, ha ha...

    When you are sick you have little patience for these people. They need to get another job. My family doctor would fire people like that.
  6. jole

    jole Member

    Having been a nurse for years, you are right, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. It would never have happened 10 years ago where I worked. However, everyone has the right to vent their frustrations and you really don't know the circumstances of their day either. It is very hard to deal with sick people and demanding doctors, and even caring nurses have to vent at times. BUT it should be done away from other patients, and out in the open like this is simply not acceptable.

    All said, unless there was a case of ethics involved (patient name, etc. being used), I would probably let it go and chalk it up to a bad day UNLESS it happens again. Pick your battles. FM is enough of a battle to fight, and there will be reprocussions not only for them (rightfully so) but also for you.

    Friends - Jole

  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Same with me. I report it to whoever runs the office. Sometimes in writing.

    I had one office call me with an apology. I also called a doctor once, who said I needed to have my nose fixed. I went for a second opinion who was more up-to-date on these things. I decided to go his route: lasering.

    I call the other doctor, told him and he called to apologize.

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  8. MoreBoo

    MoreBoo New Member

    If you have the energy I would write a letter with the details, i.e. names of the women at the counter and time.

    I worked in a medical clinic (free clinic, very busy) for over ten years. It was very stressful but there is no excused to treat people poorly. When I witnessed my coworkers doing a poor job at the front desk I would say something to the manager immediately. When the visit starts out like that it only gets worse.

    The front desk is one of the hardest places to work in a clinic because you get the public's problem right away, but I found that if I treat people with kindness and respect, they usually come back with a changed attitude.

    Or, if you are not up to it, just let it go. It may be too much.
  9. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    Just wanted to say I agree with PVLady. Write a letter of complaint, that would be easiest and help to avoid a confrontation. Yes, it would be easier to let it go but, if this happened to you then it's most likely happened to others who go there. Nothing changes if we don't speak up to let the person in charge know what's happening. There is no way this behavior is acceptable to the person who owns the business.

    Sorry you were treated so rudely. That kind of stress really affects us in a negative way.

  10. joeb7th

    joeb7th New Member

    My last visits were so shocking with the Er docs getting angry with me and treating me as a troublesome nutcase, now I am afraid to go at all.

    And it is the only hospital withing 30 to 35 miles!

    What I didn't know ( and the doctors didn't catch or want to catch ) the last few times I went to this ER was that I was going through withdrawals from Lorazepam!

    Some web sites describe this as bad as some heroin addicts going through withdrawals. I certainly felt like I was dying and told these ER's this. And it makes so much sense that after they gave me more Ativan that within one hour or two I would be clamer, but still feeling like I had been dragged by a car and without sleep for two days.

    So now, do I write to these Ers and tell them what was really happening to me and that innocently I didn't know and demand that they not treat me badly like this again?

    Actually, I think my 15 to 16 Er visits in this Er in the last year and half have so damaged my reputation there that my letters wouldn't even make a difference.

    Sad stories here...and true. These mistreated immune system destroying illnesses are He-- aren't they?
  11. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I'm not going to!

    This seems to be a common occurence most places we go these days...

    It is people like this that make those of us who are sick enough already........ feel worse than we already do in the first place!

    I believe that if I let this go.......then the next person who doesn't feel good, and needs help will get the same treatment!

    If we do not say "ANYTHING" then how is the owner(s) supposed to know............?
    In the long run if the owners care about their business they will make a change where their rude employee's are concerned.......

    I know as far as Iam concerned if I go somewhere.... where they are this rude to me..... when I have not done ONE thing to deserve it...... then I won't be returning.

    I have made a decision from now on when this happens "I WILL BE REPORTING IT"! If I do nothing,....... than it harbors anger in me and I deserve it for not doing anything about it.............

    Maybe reporting it "won't" change anything, I don't know...........BUT,... AT LEAST I WILL HAVE TRIED!

    Thank you to each of you ............though I do not agree with everyone of you......I do however respect the fact that we all have our own opinions and I believe that it is what makes the world go I take no offense to anyone who disagree's with me...and thank you for saying how you really feel!

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  12. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I know it may seem easier to ignore this incident, but that is what 99% of people do. That is why it continues. As a business owner myself, I want to know if someone I pay, treats a customer bad. Even if you have a bad day, or don't like someone, if you can't be professional, then go work where it doesn't matter - not around people.

    At my pain doctors office, they had a new person who was very rude. I called for a refill and she did not even give me time to explain before transferring me to a voice mail.

    They never treat patients like this. I was so upset, I called the office manager (who is also the doctors wife) and she was very concerned. This person probably came from another office where they tolerated that behavior. Before long I noticed she no longer worked there. Had I never spoke up, she certainly would have continued to upset other patients.

    When I worked for others, if I ever felt my attitude was getting bad, I knew it was time to look for another job. If you are not happy on your job, that is not everyone elses problem, it is yours to solve. Not to take out on innocent people.

    I was also a nurse, and never, ever, treated a patient with disrespect. When you work in the medical field you should be a person with compassion. If you cannot handle it, get in another line of business.

    These people would not want their family members treated like this.

    I would not be intimidated with the threat of consequences to me for reporting such unprofessional behavior. We may have fibromyalgia to battle, but we are not doormats.

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  13. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    It is not just the medical is starting to be everywhere you go!

    Iam TIRED of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......if Iam a paying customer then I deserve to be treated like my business is important and treated with respect or I will go on my merry little way!

    I have lived in my current home for many, many years now....about a month ago there was about four days that the mail delivery carrier did not leave our mail.....finally after the fourth day of no mail....she wrote out a little letter stating that there was some bird twigs in our mailbox and we could not have our mail delivered until we cleaned it out!

    My husband and I were fit to be tied that she couldn't have let us know before she hijacked our mail.....then to be so pety about a few twigs.............believe me the mail would fit just fine..........for what ever reason she just seemed to be looking for trouble!

    anyhow we went beyond just cleaning it out ......we went and got a brand new one and put it up..................then for the next two weeks our mail box was left open when she delivered the mail...

    there are three other mail boxes next to ours but ours was the ONLY one left open!

    If the delivery person doesn't want bird twigs in the mail box why is she leaving it open?????????

    So once again I decided to be the bigger person and I put a hold on our mail service to try to let things calm with her.............during that ten day hold she disregarded the hold and delivered our mail anyway about 5 of the ten days..........

    finally when the hold was up......I came home the next day....and caught the her red handed so to speak....leaving our mail box open (didn't even try to close it ) but closed all the others......I was so mad that I couldn't even think!

    So..........I calmed myself down...and waited about 30 minutes when I did calm down I picked up the phone and called the 800 number to the post office........I was very polite and courtious....but stern!

    I explained how we had lived her for so long with no problems and how I appreciated that fact..........however this needed to be addressed and a STOP put to this nonsense!

    They apologized to me...and took my number know what ???????? MY MAIL BOX IS NOW CLOSED EVERY DAY! had I not called and reported this it would have continued for who knows how long?

    For what I ask ? we never did ANYTHING AT ALL to deserve this bull.......NOTHING.....NADA!

    My husband said now they will probably try to retaliate....but Iam not going to be bullied into playing those kind of games.......if your going to treat me wrong....or badly ...Iam going to do something about it!

    I pay a lot of hard earned money to DR's, grocery stores, post offices services, pharmacies,etc, etc......and PV is right if they don't like working with people.....if they hate their is NOT my problem it is theirs and they need to move on or fix it!

    If more people would do something about it when other do them wrong maybe it WOULD make a difference instead of just letting it go and continue!

  14. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    not for an opinion on whether or not to report. I think PVLady had some ideas for you.

    Don't lose your energy for taking action here by defending your decision-- it will take the wind out of your sails.

    I don't sense that you are the impatient pushy type that expects special instantaneous treatment. I sense that you are expecting to be treated like a person that is not invisible, in the case of the THREE receptionists, or inconsequential, in the case of the loudly complaining nurse in the waiting room.

    I have been so bullied and belittled, that I go too far and feel like some kind of suck-up just to survive the hospital ordeal. Making a request for better service doesn't have to be aggressive, but it might make you feel less anxious about the quality of healthcare you'll receive.

  15. ritatheresa

    ritatheresa New Member

    Immunesupport actually has a subject on this on the home page (dealing with disrespectful medical care), it's actually really good.

    I also had a really bad experience at a hospital I used to work at. It was pretty bad.

    I wrote a letter to the administration to let them know what kind of professionals were working in their hospital. They sent me a letter of apology.

    I'm also a nurse and have had lots of very difficult situations but whether I was having a bad day, exhausted or someone was trying to give me a hard time, whatever the situation I have never even come close to telling someone off or going out of my way to be nasty. I don't get it.

    Some people are just plain RUDE regardless of what title is behind their name.

    I would write a letter and then try and let it go, sorry you had to have such a bad experience, take care, Rita
  16. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I made an appt with the office manager and the owner of the med clinic.......

    I guess the counseling I have had is finally starting to pay off.....for Iam learning to "SPEAK" up when someone is inexcusably rude and unprofessional!

    Iam hoping this meeting will help to make the necessary changes needed to ensure the next person(s) that go there for help will be treated with professionalism, kindness and dignity........

    Iam also hoping these unprofessional and rude employee's, are repremanded, or relieved of their duties that they obviously are so unappreciative of having!

    NO PERSON should have to go to a place of business, pay for services and leave feeling like they just had the employee's personal problems placed in a sack on their back!

    Thank you for all of your support is appreciated so very much and I just wanted to let you all know that!

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  17. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Since we were not actually there, I leave it to Doxy to have the good judgement to know if she was really treated bad, or was over-reacting. She has been a member here a long time and has never given the impression she over-reacts - in fact the opposite. Sometimes people just get tired of taking the baloney.

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  18. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    thank you so much for supporting and caring about the good hearted and kind person that I truly am!

    I think that one of the reasons I do have a hard time with people blatenly being rude to me is because,... Iam just not that way to it is hard for me to process it when someone stomps on me ......when all I do is try to be nice!

    Iam kind, respectful, caring, and sincere.......and most often I have a smile on my "pain stricken face"!

    You are right " Some of us are just sick of the boloney"!

    Love you and thanks for defending the person that you know Iam!


  19. Engel

    Engel New Member

    Hope things are better hun. I dread calling places or going places where I have to deal with people. I just don't have the stamina (physically or emotionally) to put up with crap from lousy rude people that are supposed to be there to provide customer service. I think poor customer service is a trend that has been allowed to spread unchecked. Bosses are intimated by employee rights and are forced to tread lightly. How sad it has come to this.
  20. Empower

    Empower New Member


    Customer service in any way shape or form is HORRENDOUS today.

    The best thing to do is report them, if they don't want the job, there are others who would gladly take it from them.

    I just started reporting people, because it is so FRUSTRATING. They look at you like you are BOTHERING them. For crying out loud!!!

    You hit a nerve. I go through this on a daily basis and I am not going to take it anymore!!!

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