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  1. luhu

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    I am still working 5 days a week 8 hours a day and last week and this week we are working overtime and Saturday. I love my job but I am hurting more and more everyday.
    I am a claims processor so I set all day using the computer so not only does it hurt my back/neck and shoulders my headaches are getting worse.

    I sleep only about 3 hours a night and then toss and turn so I get up and go to the recliner with my heating pad at about 2am and set there untill about 430am and then start getting ready for work and leave the house at 530am.

    I have thought many times about cheking in to disability but my husband seems to frown about it. Dont get my wrong he understands my FM but I feel that he does not understand the extent of it, about the pain and headaches the stiffness and no sleep.

    I was just wondering if anyone could give me any suggestion on how to explain this to him. Also what all do I need to know about filing or how to even start the process?

    Thanks to all
  2. lenasvn

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    This is a support group that can give you amazing info on applying for disability.

    Now, if your husband don't understand now, will he ever? You apply for SSDI for YOU , not for him. This is your life, your body, and you do what you need to do to take care of what needs to be done for YOU. Nobody else will. Then you can frown at him when you get your approval.

    Good luck
  3. PVLady

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    You might consider asking your doctor for something to
    help you get to sleep and stay asleep.
    I use 10 mg Ambien, or 15 mg Restoril. I alternate to avoid tolerance to any one med.
    Sleep is so important to restore your muscles.
    These meds would really help you.
    Without meds I do exactly what you do - go to bed, then up in the recliner.

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  4. luhu

    luhu New Member

    Thank you lenasvn and pvlady.

    I really needed the push on what direction to take.

    I plan to talk to my Dr next time I see him about getting something to help me sleep.

    Thanks again
  5. mrdad

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    I'm so sorry you are not feeling well and are having pain-
    problems daily. Please try to apply for Soc. Sec. as soon
    as possible as it sometimes takes a long time to get on
    the program. Your husband must accept your decision as
    only you can evaluate your capabilities and physical lim-

    If Missouri has workmans comp., I would apply for it 1st.
    Other suggestions:


    Best thoughts,
  6. Scapper

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    I agree w/ pvlady -- SLEEP! Do you currently take anything?

    People without ANY health issues would not be able to keep the schedule you are!

    Can you try to address the sleep issue asap, rather than wait for your next appt?

    You may feel so much better from addressing this issue alone. Three hours is a nap!

    As far as loved ones understanding, I'm beginning to realize one of the reasons why some people in my life do not "get" the extent of my illness -- I don't say "no" enough. All they see is what I AM doing and they don't see the toll it takes on me. The more I begin to say "no, that's too much for me" the more they realize how sick I really am. Of course never fully understanding, which is still baffling at times, but some people are just not capable of understanding that which they have never experienced. Which is why we have to take care of ourselves even more so.

    Disability is a tough step. Can you possibly cut down to part-time?

    You can also do a search here for "insomnia" or "sleep" for some suggestions on where to begin to help.

    Scapper :)
  7. luhu

    luhu New Member

    scapper: I am not taking anything for sleep at this time. I was taking elival for about a year but then stoped because even it did not work.

    I then tried soma but unless I got a full 8 hours I would wake up so drowsie and felt unable to modivate during the day so I stoped that also.

    But yes I will see if I can get into the Dr sooner like this coming week.

    Thank you for your thoughts

    Mrdad: Thank you for your suggestions.
    At the type of job I do there is no way of cutting down to part time we are so over loaded know we are working overtime for the past 3 weeks 9 hours a day and 6 hours on Saturday's. Hopefully soon we can get back to normal hours.

    Thank you for your thoughts
  8. barbinindiana

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    keep pushing ourselves because the people we love don't get it, the longer it is before they DO get it. You have to love yourself enough to take care of you, and by doing that you'll be able to take better care of them. FM is not a forgiving illness. I've seen people with FM with frozen shoulders because of continuing to try to push though the pain. I had FM for many years before I developed CFS, and I was a pusher. Since there seems to be a connection between the two, it just may be that if I had been alittle kinder to myself, I'd be a whole lot better off today. Please do yourself and your family a favor (weather they like it or not) and listen to your body. It's your friend not your slave. Good luck. Hope things work out for you. If you have a good doctor that truly understands, maybe it'd help to take your husband to the doctor with you and ask him to explain all this to you husband.
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  9. musikmaker

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    Like Barb, I also continued to push myself and now have CFS accompanying my Fibro. I continued to work in a high visibility, high stress job for to long. I knew I should move on when everyone on my team got fired but me. But, I stayed at that job and eventually had a flare that I am still trying to revcover from 2 years later. I have also retired early because I was unable to function. I now feel like I am about half the person I used to be. My partner didn't understand that I had to quit, they try real hard but still have problems with it and don't really like me being a half person. (not that I do).

    So, the point is, get on SSI and get out of the workplace for you and your body. The stakes are to high not to listen to your body, it needs a rest. Take care

  10. luhu

    luhu New Member

    I know that it has been awhile since I replyed to this but I just wanted everyone to know that I did go to the Dr and he gave me Zanaflex 1 tab in am and afternoon and 2 at bedtime for my muscle spasms and also Rozerem for sleep.

    I have not started my Rozerem yet I will start Saturday. Since I have not taken anything like this before and I do still work I want to make sure that it will not make me have the 'hung over' felling in the mornings.

    I am still doing more research on the SSI and really taking it to heart about trying to get it going.

    Thanks again

  11. dononagin

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    I'm in the same boat.. working full time plus and theres nothing left of me when I get off work.. Try Tylenal PM if you don't want something prescription.. I have to take 2 for it to help.
    Don't go part time.. your disability benifits can go down.. They go by the quarters in the last year you worked from my understanding at least state does.
    I know how you feel.. There are days I cry getting ready for work because I just don't know how I'm going to get through another day..
    I saw a few people mention that they started with fibro and pushed theirselves into cfs.. I started with cfs and pushed myself into fibro.. there is a link there somewhere..
    Good luck sweetie.. I do know how you feel.