Venting, Bad day...lost labs AGAIN

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cristine04, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. cristine04

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    I am venting. Today for the 5th time in 6 months my labs have been lost. More than this, I asked my doc's secretary to please have the doctor call me back. He says, "what is this concerning." Stupidly, I said "the flu shot and its role in my fatigue and muscle weakness problems." He calls back and says "yeah well the doctor says there's no way it could have done that. and you have to get a re-draw for the western blot." HELLO---I am having trouble getting insurance now because I have had so many darn redraws. I have 4 health care workers (2 doctors, 1 nurse,1 unit. rep) in my family--and they told me that losing a sample 5 times is inexcusable and then to have the doctor not even find the decency call me and speak with me herself is pathetic. I AM SO ANGRY. I AM SUFFERING, THIS IS HELLISH. I know you hear's not fair. I hate when people say I look young and healthy like the secretary did today..." oh you'll be fine you are a picture of health..." Its not fair.
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    That just plain ole sucks!

    I was major sick a few weeks ago, went to the PA and cried for 10 minutes, she went to get the doctor who would not see me - I ended up in the hospital that night! Go figure, it is sooooo frustrating.

    Vent away - I am sure most of us are in the same boat with you.
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    I so agree with your family members when they say there just isn't any good excuse for that, it really sounds like negligence. Perhaps time for a new doc? At least one that ia professional enough to handle lab results and returning your calls. You deserve better care and some validation, we all do. I am almost suspicious of this loss of FIVE labs
    were these labs all for the same thing or different things?
    I will pray that you have better days ahead and a peaceful night's sleep. love, Rebel