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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    Don't know why, but I feel so low thismorning. Started sobbing in bed. My brother has a guest staying here, another teenage guy, and he didn't even say anything to me to warn me he was comming over. I just woke up to find the guy still here the next day, and then I found out. Dad's out of town on business. I feel like there's no one to protect me. I don't do well unless I've got the house to myself for most of the day. Otherwise it's too stressful. And the sounds and the cooking smells and just having to talk to him and walk around him and think where he's going to be in the house before I go there. And I'm in my pajamas all this time, which is embarassing, since my pajamas have holes in them and don't hide my breasts well. I wish my brother had never come to stay with us. My other brother who was living here already said it was selfish of me to say that. He can get so moralizing with me sometimes. I couldn't sleep as much as usual and I got these pains in my legs which normally doesn't happen to me.
  2. Shirl

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    Why not get dressed, and keep to your room if you don't feel like being sociable? None of us like surprises.

    The day is almost over, so I am sure the company will be gone soon.

    Have a talk with your brother, could be he does not understand how you feel about unexpected over night guests?

    Take care of yourself, and I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Bailey-smom

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    I'm not usually one for house guests when I am feeling bad either. I would not worry about having him around - get into some comfortable cloths and grab a book that you are interested in. It may take your mind off the stess.

    Hope you have a better day.
  4. 69mach1

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    i'm a single mom and now my son is 15 years old, he had periods of wanting to have friends stay the night, well i'm tired or depressed and in pain alsways.

    somtimes he would walk in the front door w/a friend and i'm sitting in my pj's. adn how imberrassing that is. i had to tell him not do that any more.

    i used to have what my grandfather said i was built like a brick house.

    and he would have kids in junior and his freshman year in high school make comments to him about how good lookinghismother was. i'm being polite.

    well now i'm about 35 lbs heavier so i don't look like that brick house anymore, wiished i did, but hey i'm forty and seeing dr onmonday ofr hormonal check and well those darn anti-dperssants haven't done a thing for me. and the back and fet are far worse than ever.

    well talk to your brother so you can have a warning to get metally prepared for company. my son has to do that now and understands, and fortuanely i can control what goes on in my apt., but i understand you have another brother and a father that you live with and they sould be entitled to a guest once in a while if your gfather agrees. but you should be given some respect of a warning as well to make yourself prepared. just need to have a family meeting.

    hugs i understand,

  5. backporchrags

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    Unexpected house guests can trigger stress. Let the guest know of the routines you do not wish to have altered. Also let him know he is a guest but will not be catered to. Don't feel you need to entertain this guy, he is not your friend.
    Try putting on headphones and drown down the noise. He won't be there long I hope!
  6. Shannonsparkles

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    Thanks guys. <:)

    I told my brother Craig how I was doing (AFTER bursting into tears in front of him, argh!), so the guys were quieter and less in the way today. I, however... I tried to read a bit, gave up, and just scrunched myself up in the space under the stairs of my hang-out room like a blob for half the day, not really awake, just blah and heavy. It's a very nice place under those stairs, roomy, carpeted, private; I think I might call it the Shannon Sanctuary. ;-) I'm planning to try doing some relaxation stuff in that hidey-hole once the tapes come in at the library. And I'll put up a curtain over the opening so that I can control how much light comes in. After Craig moved out the first time, I turned his room into my personal get-away space, with my library books and my favorite plant, and the cut-out under the stairs is in there too.

    Thanks for being understanding. I'm not a monster! Plus, I look so sick today that Craig is going to put the dishes away for me! :D

    Hope tomorrow will be a bit better. I still don't have a doctor here, so any time something goes funny with me, I get anxious because there's no one to ask.
    (()) Love, Shannon
  7. matthewson

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    Have you ever been prescribed anti-depressants? The reason I ask this question is that it sounds like you have social anxiety. I know the feeling all to well as I suffered with it from the age of 12 to 47. When I went on zoloft at 47, I was totally cured of the social anxiety. All those years I suffered and to finally get relief was amazing!

    Please don't let this ruin your life. You need to find some help for this. It is not normal to want to hide from people. Really there is help out there!

    My daughter has shown some social anxiety problems and chose not to go the medication route yet. She went to a psychiatrist and we are watching the situation and if she gets bad enough, she will go the medication route. I don't want this to rule her life as it did mine.

    Please get some help. You will feel much better.

    Take care, Sally
  8. Shannonsparkles

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    It's more of an extreme sensitivity to sound, and not being able to focus. Like, if it's quiet here and nothing's happening, I can cook or read or even play the piano and call people on the phone. But some days when I'm doing worse, if there's even a TV going in the house where I can hear it, I can't focus on what I'm doing well enough to even get a snack. Just too much going on at once. If my energy's up though, people are okay. I'm very outgoing and comfortable socially - when I've got the brainpower to follow the conversation. ;-)

    But I DO have some mental health stuff that I want to get taken care of. I'm on some antidepressant herbs which have helped tremendously, but there's room for improvement. And this candida is dragging on terribly.