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  1. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I just need to vent. The stress of my life in the past week has my fibro pain at a 10++++, and nothing seems to be working to get rid of it.

    I moved this past Monday and the only person I had to help me was my sister, until later in the evening when another friend showed up to help me move the heavier stuff (of note, I could not afford a mover).

    I spent Tuesday at my old place cleaning it up and moving last minute things - ALONE. I had to work 8 hours also.

    Wednesday was okay, peaceful, just working.

    Thursday, INTERNET BROKE DOWN. I need it to work. Spent 2 hours on the phone. Internet still broken. Technician could not come over until Saturday morning. Had to tell supervisor, who was not all that happy.

    Friday, no work. Rested.

    SATURDAY - TODAY - THE DAY FROM HE**!!!! Technician showed up at 8 - internet still broken. I called several local computer companies and they were closed because of the weekend. I called a 1-800 service who talked me through everything, maybe 1.5 hours and INTERNET STILL BROKEN. Said I needed an ethernet card. Got dressed to go to store. JEANS WOULD NOT FIT (seriously, I need a diet). Wore old sweatpants, felt horrible. Went to 3 stores, groceries, computer stores. FOUND OUT THE PRIVATE SCHOOL MY DAUGHTER WANTS TO GO TO IS DOUBLE WHAT I THOUGHT - CANNOT AFFORD IT.

    Came home, installed ethernet card. STILL NOT WORKING. Fiddled with it later on - got it to work a few hours later.

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sore my whole body is throbbing. Four Vicodin and 3 Lyrica extra and still no pain relief.

    Have any of you ever noticed that sometimes emotional stress causes more pain that actual physical stress?

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  2. DemonFairy

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    Ugh, just the thought of moving (and it looms as a possibility for me) stresses me out and exhausts me. I'm sorry you had to do so much work on your own.

    I know that stress has definitely made me much much MUCH worse. I know that if I suddenly had a million dollars, my stress level would drop significantly, and my pain level would follow shortly afterwards. I'd still have the carpal tunnel, the back pain, etc., but I know the general all over pain would lessen. I know it wouldn't disappear, but I can tell that extra stress has almost made me physically useless and my pain level has shot through the roof. I would kill (maybe literally, heh) to know what my body would feel like with most of the stress gone. So, when I say that I "feel your pain", I really really do. And, it sucks.
  3. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Oh, you have every right to vent! What a week.
    Oh I wholeheartedly believe more stress equals more pain! Not only is the emotional burden so hard, but usually the reasons for our stress itself sometimes has physical implications - meaning, no money, we have to work, work harder, longer. Lack of support causes us to do more things on our own when we could certainly use the help.

    It's weird but swear it's true - I'm extremely close to my Mom who for the past two years has been going through a very rough time - lots of pain herself. I have had HORRIBLE days of pain -and strangely found a correlation. When Mom was in horrible pain, so was I.
    Her situation alone has caused me much emotional stress and since she's going through her worst time ever, I'm hurting like hell worrying about her.

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