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    I went to my dr. yesterday. The one person who I thought should listen to my concerns and understand. I just wanted to tell her that I was tired of living in pain and that I didn't want to anymore. She replied with "you need some counceling" "maybe you should try working".(?what is she thinking?)

    I had asked her for my refills and if she'd update my disability note so I could apply for assistance since I can't work. On the way out of her office, I looked at my RX's, she didn't write my normal pain meds, she gave me ultram, which I'm allergic to, and it's on my chart! I said something about it. She rewrote a rx for naproxen. Which I've tried before and didn't work. I take Darvocet. Not even 2 pills a day (I take a 1/2 at a time). The dr. would not come back out to talk to me. The nurse said I've been taking darvocet too long. I asked, "have I been cured" she said no. So why stop something that works if I'm not cured? I've been taking all the other meds "too long" also, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Anyway, I'm going to go down to the DEA this next week and find out why someone in my position has to "doctor hop" and look like a drug seeker, instead of keeping a history with one doctor and live pain free! I've dealt with this a year straight now, and my patience level is crumbling. I'm tired of the pain, nausea, no life...I'd talk to everyone if I thought it would take this all away. I'm sorry, just frustrated and venting with people who understand.
    Thanks for listening,
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    that makes me so mad,

    why is it that suddenly your chart is no longer worth looking at? I can't believe that she represcribed something you are allergic too. it makes me so mad.

    I recently went to a new doc, and right when I went in there
    he was like "well, im always suspicious when people say they have chronic fatigue could be just mislabled." I was diagnosed...four years ago. makes you wonder how we are supposed to trust them when they don't even trust each other or accept the opinions of their fellow docters.

    I too am tired of people acting like Im getting something out of this, im tired of suggestions like "maybe you should get a good therapist" little do they realize that these unsupportive people are the cause of anxiety in the first place. !!! I hope things turn around for you and that you will find a docter who has their head screwed on right, cause she has already proved to be a menace to your health, by not even reviewing your chart. well, I guess I needed to vent too!!!

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    Hello. Doctors can be so annoying sometimes cant they?I've had to change doc.s becuase one thought it was mono and deppression, but i tested negative three times for that!!!! then they always say well, you need to get into councling and you want to say"I'm not sick because im deppressed, im deppressed because im sick!!!!" So I know how you feel, i will be praying for you to feel better. peace...Zoe
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    Dawn, dear, you deserve a real doctor who believes that this is a real and treatable disease and changes medications only because the ones you have are NOT working!!! Get on the phone and make a few calls to some rheumys or GPs and ask to talk to the nurses or even just the receptionist. Tell them that you need a doctor to treat you for fibro, does this doc treat fibro and does he/she have success and what does he/she treat it with ie antidepressants, guai, flexeril, etc, or maybe just referral to the local shrink? (Not so funny) Tell them that you are on a limited budget and or no insurance and you would like to interview the doc before shelling out $$ to see if the doc is right for you. I did this and managed not to see a real jerk. I saw a real nice guy whose nurse talked to me who set up an appointment and said if you don't want to see this doc we will tear up the bill sheet. The doc found out I had no insurance and tore up the bill sheet anyway.
    Tell the nurses that you are not trying to get narcotics but someone who understands fibro who will treat you with respect and dignity, and maybe also help you find some other therapies that will help you as well but you don't want to hear that it is all in your head and that you need counseling.
    Go to a local fibro support group and ask for doctor recommendations. If you live in a small town, travel to the nearest big town for a fibro support group and ask for doctor recommendations there.
    I also agree with something madwolf has stated on this board once or twice. Here in the lovely state of Oregon Doctors have been taken to court for undertreatment of their patient's pain. GO AND REPORT YOUR DOCTOR'S PHONY BUTT TO THE AUTHORITIES FOR THE UNDERTREATMENT OF YOUR PAIN!!!!!
    And find a REAL doctor, one who treats you with respect and dignity, one whom you want to hug when you leave his office, like I do mine. (I had to send him a Thank You note yesterday, even, because he squeezed me in and saw me on his lunch hour, I didn't have much choice because although it wasn't really an emergency, it couldn't wait until my scheduled appointment a month from now and I had an appointment that day with my neurologist and I had to resolve an issue with the neuro that day.)
    Good luck!