Verapimil-have taken it for 6 years

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    I have taken verapimil for at least 6 years. The reason I got started on it, was because an allergy doctor gave it to me for my sinus/Migraine Headaches. He said it helped to dilate the vessels better to keep the headaches down It really did. then I got on a larger dose when they found my blood pressure was higher than normal 5 years ago. Guess, I got along OK with it-I can tell if I don't take it. More heart rhythm (irregular feelings ) going on. Headaches are reduced from where they used to be-but they still come around once in awhile. If it isn't agreeing, tell your Dr. It should not produce the symptoms mentioned for sure! also, your Pharmasist could probably tell you something about it. I am also on seververal meds-lithium,tegratol, Xanax,Nexium,Advair,etc
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    Thanks for the input on this. It really helped. I was petrified there for a moment :). This drug really shows that people can have quite varied reactions. After a really bad experience with Reglan, I am always really careful.