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    anyone else concerned about their attempts (attempts that have a good chance of succeeding as the public is not responding strongly) to hijack control of the internet? They want to create a private internet (if I understand correctly this private net will be accessible only on mobile devices) that will be service for a fee. The writer compared what these 2 corps are doing is comprable to what happened in the cable industry. We use to have only free TV now we have free (very little) and pay TV.

    I remember back in the early 60's the billboards around LA talking about Pay TV. If I remember correctly, the promise with pay TV was that it would be commerical free. Ha!

    At any rate, this pair wants to take control of both public (in various ways) and private internet. And I am certain that their control will grow around the various ways they can stick it to the consumer "legally".

    "Google and Verizon Near Deal on Web Pay Tiers," The New York Times, 8-5-2010

    Verizon, Google, Plot to Carve Up Internet
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    If these corporations win the control they are after this could impact our abilitiy to connect as we do on the internet. I read one article that talked about how some sites would load quickly and others very slowly depending on criteria that is unknown to me. Perhaps sites that are now free to users may not remain free.

    NET NEUTRALITY MATTERS to all who use the internet. I do not know about you but coming to this board at no cost means a great deal to me. It is hard to explain how participating on this site--where I never have seen or will see a face, or where I will never hear a voice--plays a major role in my life but it does. It would be a great loss to me if I could not afford to come here or if the slow load times would make the experience too frustrating I would limit or eliminate use of this site.

    The following is a copy and pasted email I received today------

    Tell the FCC: It's up to you, not Google and Verizon, to regulate the Internet

    On Monday, Google and Verizon jointly announced a proposed policy framework that would gut net neutrality and end the Internet as we know it.

    Right now there is only one Internet that treats everybody and all content equally. But the proposal would change all of that. And insidiously, it would effectively dismantle net neutrality while claiming to protect it.

    This proposal is just the latest example of giant corporations trying to write the very regulations that govern their behavior. We should not let BP decide the legislative framework for offshore drilling. We cannot let Goldman Sachs decide who chairs the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. And we must not let Google or Verizon decide how we can use the Internet.

    FCC Chair Julius Genachowski needs to hear that it's not Google's place to write regulations — it's the job of the FCC, which has failed to act quickly to protect American consumers.

    Can you take a minute to call Genachowski and tell him to stop delaying and immediately enact strong net neutrality regulations? Click here for a sample script and a number to call. Even if you've called already, we need you to call again.

    The Google-Verizon scheme is just another indication that the FCC has waited too long to put appropriate protections in place for Internet consumers.

    Earlier this year, the FCC looked like it was on track to ensure we could all enjoy strong net neutrality provisions. But a federal lawsuit forced the FCC to change its plans.

    The FCC can still enforce net neutrality, but it first must revisit a Bush-era decision to deregulate broadband. By revisiting this decision and reclassifying broadband, the FCC can do everything it needs to do to protect American consumers. And in fact, the Chair of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, announced his intentions to do this. But he has backed away from this plan under intense pressure from telecommunications industry.

    Our federal regulators need to stop caving to big business and take a stand for us. The FCC has all the tools it needs to protect our interests and ensure the Internet remains a vital engine of information exchange and innovation, but it seems to lack the political will to live up to its mandate.

    Tell the FCC to stop delaying and start acting to protect American consumers and ensure we all can rely on strong net neutrality protections.Click here for a sample script and the phone number to call. CREDO is working with our allies at MoveOn, PCCC, Free Press and to put pressure on Google, the White House and the FCC. This is a crucial moment for our campaign. And your actions will be part of a broader effort to stop the FCC, Congress and the White House from standing by idly while corporations destroy the Internet.
    Thank you for fighting for a free and open Internet.

    Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
    CREDO Action from Working Assets

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