Vertigo, anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aquabugs, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. aquabugs

    aquabugs New Member

    I'm curious if others here experience severe vertigo? I've been diagnosed with CFS and FM. Twice this past week, today especially, I've developed a very severe vertigo or dizziness to the point that I can't do anything but lie down. It started earlier today when I wanted to do some work on the computer...the lines of text made me dizzy and nauseated and I had to shut it down and go to bed. Most of the day today, I have been miserable and feeling like I just need to throw up (sorry). Finally it has subsided enough that I don't feel quite so nauseated.

    Does that sound like something that goes along with this monster? It doesn't hit often, but when it does it lasts for hours and I can't function.

  2. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Yes, I have the vertigo too. I have FMS and CFS and I do know it can be linked to these and TMJ.

    There are times when I have to turn off ceiling fans because just catching them, out of the corners of my eyes, makes me sick.

    I was given some medicine for it. It went away, but it can come back.


  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I had vertigo for almost a week, but without real bad nausea.

    I did have one ear that felt like it had fluid in it, and I had sharp pains off and on in my head. My sinuses were also stuffed up.

    I put peroxide in the ear, homemade salt/water drops in my nose, and started taking a Homeopathic remedy called; 'Bioplasma' by 'Hyland's', its sold at health foodstores.
    It is a combination of the twelve 'Cell Salts' developed by Dr. Schuessler (also called; 'Tissue Salts').

    I started yesterday, took them three times a day, and three times today. The pain, fluid, and the vertigo is gone.

    Its worth a try. They also have one especially for nausea.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. steve69h

    steve69h New Member

    I took my neices to the amusment park the other day and they rode the tea cups and i was trying to get pictures OMG for the rest of the day i was cokeyed all around. Some days my striped shirts get me going Steve
  5. lin123

    lin123 New Member

    I have Vertigo and my Doctor told me that this is part of my FMS. He put on medicine to take and it's really helped alot.
    You should mention it to your Doctor so you can gat treated for it.
  6. revlcb

    revlcb New Member

    have had bouts of dizziness. Mostly when I arise from a chair or the floor.

    Last week my sister had us over for a really nice dinner. On the way home I was so dizzy that I couldn't keep my eyes open. I opened them and I had to have hubby pull over so that I could get sick. That's never happened before. My tummy wasn't feeling bad, just my head/eyes.
  7. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I have suffered for years on and off. I had a terrible attack of it yesterday. Normally my doc gives me Antivert (Meclazine) but it was Sunday and he is on vacation any way. So I had hubby go to the drug store and buy me some Dramamine, and I took it every 4 hours. Slept most of the day but the spins are gone now.

    I am thinking it might be the heat in addition to FM. dont know if its hot where everyone else is but stifling here.

    Vertigo stinks.

  8. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    ANd it has been really bad for several weeks. I wonder if it has anythign to do with the summer?
  9. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    I've had vertigo off & on since 1993..The vertigo, as was told to me by an ENT. specialist was an inner ear thing, caused by a virus I picked up somewhere. He said it may go away all by itself or come & go..And it seems w/allergy season (spring/fall) is when it appears..

    At the onset in 1993, I was working in 3 different nursing homes, on call, & I'm sure that's where I picked it up. Couldn't drive for about 6mos. Really came on w/right head turns, couldn't take showers by myself, hubby had to be in the bathroom w/me, help me dress, etc. Was horrible. Had the nausea thing also.The more spinning, the more nausea. Tried Meclizine that's for vertigo, but all that did was knock me out, & I was working at the time..I had to take 2weeks off, b4 the worst of it was over..

    Now it seems to bother when turning over in bed, putting my head lower then my supposed (lol) waist..Usually just spring & fall tho'. Hope it doesn't come back like b4..

    Hope you find some help soon.
  10. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I went through a few weeks of vertigo recently. My M.D. actually sent me for an MRI becvause she thought I might have a brain tumor!

    Actually, everything was negative, and I believe it was from these DD's. The trouble is, that the doctors up here where I live, are woefully ignorant of CFIDS and FMS.

    My diagnosing Dr., a long time ago, told me it was triggered by excessive fatigue, so I have restd, and I'm better.

    Good luck,

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