Vertigo attack finally over for now

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Seagull, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Seagull

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    but, boy!, did it leave me in some serious pain, especially around the ribcage and neck from all the violent vomitting that it caused. Thank heavens, my husband was home to hold onto me. The previous 3 days I had had small continuing attacks, but, last night was the major one. I am still exhausted. It came on me in three waves over a 4-hour period.

    I went to the doctor yesterday morning and he switched me back to my previous med, hoping that my body has had enough of a rest from it for it to be effective again. There just are not a lot of meds that can treat verigo. So, I have had 2 doses since yesterday morning and so far so good. Here's hoping I don't have anymore of those attacks for a long while.
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    I used to get vertigo so bad that I could hardly walk across the room. I discovered through trial and error that I got it whenever I ate something crunchy, like raw baby carrots, which I LOVED!! The hard carrots affect my TMJ, which in turn affects my inner ear, which causes vertigo. I no longer eat hard things like that and haven't had vertigo for a couple of years now!

    Marilyn :)
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    I have recently being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. However I originally had extreme vertigo for which I was prescribed
    Betahistine dihydrochloride to control the nausea etc. No it seems that it comes back to this fibromyalgia, nervous exhaustion and migraine which in turn is causing the vertigo. I have tried weaning myself off the betahistine but the vertigo just comes back. I feel that the medical profession are not explaining things enough especiallly since my condition was caused by someone crashing into my car, no blame on my side whatsoever, so as you can imagine there is insurance claims going on. My whole life feels like it has ended and I feel like some con artist or criminal who no one wants to be honest with as I am claiming insurance, Really I just want my health back and independence I had. On the whole I can handle the pain it is the intermittent nausea and dizziness and the inability to think some times.

    any advice..... and does anyone know about using Gingko Biloba as a substitute for Betahistine.

    I was also interested to read that TMJ can cause vertigo as my partner says I crunch my teeth at night any more info on that would be helpful......

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    I had vertigo about a year ago. The severe symptoms lasted for about 3 weeks then it lingered for about 9 months. These days I don't get nauseous anymore but I'm defintely more prone to getting car-sick when I'm in a car. Doctors do not know for sure what causes vertigo but they think it is triggered by a virus/bacteria that damages your inner ear. There is no known treatment. You just have to get used to your brain to learn to function with a damaged inner ear. Over time they say you should recover. But I've read other people have vertigo for years and do not recover. My hunch for my case is that a bad root canal caused it. But I cannot prove it of course.

    They say taking medication to minimize the symptoms is temporary relief and it actually slows down the recovery time. I was home bound for several weeks and then started visting a vestibular rehab center where they help you to accelerate the recovery process... you do exercises like head movement, walking, etc..

    In any case, after my vertigo started to subside, I was diagnosed with CFS. And of course, I'm not sure which caused which... vertigo or CFS.