Vertigo, Off Balance , Anyone?

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    I have read about the Calcium D-glucarate and the Beta 1,3 Glucans in the orenda many times. The Muramyl Peptides I had never heard of before today.

    I have done an enormous amount of research into cfs and fm in the last 6 years. As well as spending 5-$6,000 trying most every one of the most popular protocols for cfs and fm.

    The conclusions I have made are that toxins called lipopolysaccharides from an overgrowth of bacteria in the digestive tract get into the blood stream and cause an immune reaction.

    This immune reaction causes symptoms very much like the flu. So when you say you haven't really paid to much attention to the detox symptoms you figured it was just the fm.

    I don't believe they can be separated because the toxins are causing the FM.So when we take to many supplements that kill the bacteria off the toxins,which are in the cell membrane of the bacteria, get absorbed in the bloodstream causing symptoms.

    By the way, this is exactly what Dr. kenny de meirleir believes is the cause of cfs/fm. He is one of the leading cfs/fm doctors in the world and treats cfs/fm daily!
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    hi there,

    What has helped you most in your FM ?

    What do you do for scalp sores ? I also have one spot on scalp that seems to feel sore peiodically

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    I have been dealing with vertigo and balance issues for years. It started after I had an ear infection at 18 and then got a few bouts off and on after that. It got better, but was left with residual wobbly, but nothing serious that affected me too bad. Then in 1995 it got bad when I woke up with the room spinning and diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. Have had issues off and on since then. Sinuses and ears were all messed up and poppy back then too.

    Well the same thing has happened again after my Epstein Barr reactivated in 2011 and then I got a bad reaction to vaccines to try and help the chronic sinus issues. Big mistakes. I have been battling all this for the last year and half or so. I have lots of sinus issues and just generally don't feel well a lot of the times. My allergies are very bad and yes, as has been discussed her, I have a screwed up gut from candida and whatever else is going on in there and way too many antibiotics last year that produced antibiotic-induced diarrhea.

    I had an ear infection over the summer and I kind've started to improve over the last few months, but the last month or so, as also discussed, I had a cold/bronchitis virus and then been re-exposed to my grandkids who keep on having colds and ear infections and I have been much more loopy, plus things are starting to get ready to bloom. I'm pretty miserable. The more stuffy I am, the more loopy I am a lot of times, and sometimes like the rest of us, it is affected as well by the neck muscles and the jaw (TMJ). My eyes get all funky and boggled too when this is going on and increases the brain fog. I am taking a lot of probiotic, which I'm sure is killing off all the crap in my colon and I take Diflucan a time or 2 a week, plus supplements.

    I also had a thyroiditis during this time period, which has improved on supplements through my chiropractor. I know how miserable it is to feel this way and I feel for you, as I struggle with this pretty much daily and it usually varies throughout the day. Not too long ago I had a few days in a row that weren't bad, but I'm pretty toxic, so it is is a mess. I hope you feel better. Sorry is this is long, but just trying to explain when goes on. Oh and yes, my head feels weird quite frequently with the fatigue and body aches. Take care.
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    When I feel the sinus giving me troubles I take a dose of oregano oil which kills a lot of infection. For the most part it's kept me pretty healthy from colds, except when I was hit BAD with the flu for 6 weeks.

    I was reading about the eyes and this loopy feeling. I wear glasses and have even tried going without them to see if my brain works better. Yes, it does! Even have brand new glasses and at times work my way thru my old ones.

    I read recently (wish I could remember where) that the sternocledomastoid muscle can even affect your eyesight, along with what seems a sinus problem, TMJ....basically everything in your head. The brain can't process the difference in the ear canal (the hairs/dizziness feeling) and what the eyes are trying to tell the brain.

    I'm going to a physical therapist for the first time on monday for neck traction (color me scared) and I'm going to ask about the SCM muscles.
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    The scalp sores I get usually are very minor, so head and shoulders (anti-dandruff) shampoo works pretty good at keeping them away.

    The supplements that have helped me most are Isocort or licorice root, dandelion root and creatine. Creatine is really good for energy, but if you try it don't follow the label directions. They usually recommend 3-6 grams a dose and unless your a weight lifter that will be to much.

    I find 1-1.5 grams 2-3 times a day works great and its very inexpensive if you look around and buy it in powder form. I get a bottle of 300 grams for $8.50 plus shipping. Dandelion root is great for helping the liver detoxify. I use to get horrific flu-like flares that lasted 7-10 days, once or twice a month until I started taking dandelion root.

    That was about a year ago and I have not had one flu-like flare that last 7-10 days since! I would just recommend that you start on a low dose and work your way up over a couple of weeks if you try it. The Isocort and licorice root are good for energy, they help support the adrenal glands.

    I don't know if you can get Isocort where you are, and it's expensive. The licorice root is cheap and also works well, if you have high blood pressure you can't use it though. If you don't have high blood pressure you can safely use 1,500mg a day or 1.5 grams of the whole root, not an extract, long term.

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    I just read all your posts on this thread and want to thank you for all the info! I hadn't even heard of Dysbiosis and after reading up on it, it makes sense. And an extremely knowlegeable and well-known clinical ecological allergist told me 20 years ago that he suspected that I had Leaky Gut.

    Thanks again and take care.

    Donna M.
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    Just contributing my experience because i feel for you i really do.
    Ive suffered vertigo on and off since early teens. They put it down to migraine and when ever i had an episode id take paracetamol and anti nausea go to bed with the curtains drawn because there was not much more i could do. Migraines are run in my family.

    However 5 weeks ago i was hit with spinning, motion sickness, blurred vision especially when trying to adjust my vision from short to long distance, and writtung looks smeared. I have a surreal feeling like im not quite part of the world, extemely tired, and when i was outside talking to my neighbour and it got dark i became very disorrientated abd had to come in. Constantly feel sick, and have lost my appetite. I feel like im drunk and my co- ordination is off. It is awful.

    I was first diagnosed with labyrinthitis, but the doctor said the anti nausea pills should of helped, however he gave me diclonfenic. Next week went back told meneires disease given medication didnt work, told to go have my eyes tested, optician couldnt finish test bcause of problems i am having focusing referred back to dr. Next week went back given more drugs for meneires havent worked. Looking at symptoms i feel mine is more like first diagnosis as menieres is periodic attacks for me im suffering this All the time.

    Labyrinthitis usually lass only a couple of weeks however, sometimes several weeks, but some people suffer permanent damage and are given medication and refferred to physiotherapist to learn to live with the condition. (im hoping mine passes, because this truly is horrific.

    Just wondered if you have found out what you's is?

    The vestibular system filters and finely tunes all sensory information entering the brain

    kind regards


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    I too have suffered vertigo and migraines periodically for many years, i have to stay in bed or else it makes me want to cling to the floor in case i spin off the planet, other times its seems to pull me to the left when im walking. I cling to furniture. Migraines usually affect my vision either making it zig-zagged or disappear on one side all together. This happened when i was drving once, very scarey, prolonged use on laptop or certain foods or stress can trigger mine. What do you mean by "weird feelings in your head"

    Yours sounds awful to luigi, if its your ears and its been going on this long id go back to the doctor and see if they can prescribe anything else, i just looked it up and it says although rare it could be baterial so they might give you antibiotics. Also says they can give you steroids for inflammation and can refer you to the hospital ENT for an MRI on brain, and if thats ok, you can have manipulations done by physiotherapist to see if theres any crystals in your ears or to try and adjust the bones in your inner ear if theyve been damaged. I hope it passes for you the symptoms sound awful.

    Wishing you both well

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