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  1. I need help with severs vertigo and being off balanced. IS this part of fybro?Ruthie
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    I'm not sure if it's part of fibro, but I've heard others on here complain about having episodes of vertigo. I have CFIDS and I have occasional episodes of vertigo. I remember I used to get it a lot when I was a teenager. I can remember laying on the couch praying that the room would stop spinning.

    My mother used to give me anything with an antihistamine. The antihistamine, for some reason, halted my vertigo attacks. So, if you ever have an episode, try taking an antihistamine. Triaminic is good because it's a liquid and works faster.

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    I have read that vertigo could be a candida overload.
    I have read this from articles from Dr. Garth Nicholson,
    and others about FM CFS etc...
    Study on candida perhaps test for it>?