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  1. MamawW

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    Over the weekend I had to go to the emergency room from a drugstore and was diagnosed with Vertigo. Does Fibromyalgia have this or is this a seperate issue?
  2. MamawW

    MamawW New Member

    Over the weekend I had to go to the emergency room from a drugstore and was diagnosed with Vertigo. Does Fibromyalgia have this or is this a seperate issue?
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    Howdy! I've been fighting dragons but have been a regular on here going on three years. I don't recoginze your name so a howdy to you.

    Vertigo is a symptom indicative of many things and a doc is where you need to go, but yes, vertigo, dizziness, disorientation, can be associated with FMS et al. It can be a symptom of other things also, such as Meneire's, but I have that symptom and there are times it is really troublesome and a walker is necessary and I am blessed to have a powerchair. Seems if I am sitting I can control the "thing" but walking without atleast a cane is out of the question.

    Your druggist did you a favor. Since you weren't kept at the hospital one can ASSUME your vital signs were fine ie. no high blood pressure causing it or low. Did they happen to check your glucose i.e. diabetes? Lil'
  4. I too have had dizziness since my's not fun I know. The SCM (sternocleidomastoid) muscle can cause vertigo and dizziness also. You may want to mention this to your doc. I massage mine and apply cold packs to it and it helps. =)
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    I don't think it is related to Fibro, but i feel dizzy and off balance most of the time!
    I called my doctor when I had vertigo cuz I fell out of bed! He told me to buy Dramamine with Meclazine in it and that would stop the spins. It made me sleep for a few days, but it made the vertigo go away. He also asked me if I had eaten a lot of salt. I hadn't. A few days later my roommate had it and said it was going around her office, so I think it could be some kind of inner ear virus, but I"m not sure.
    Vertigo is awful. THis one girl I know had it for weeks and nothing helped. Turns out she had something wrong with her brain.
    I hope yours is treatable and goes away soon! Good luck!
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    that vertigo is quite common in FMS. I have it and I can't even watch an aerial shot from an airplane on TV without feeling as if I'm falling. If I'm walking outside and there is a ditch or drop-off on either side of the road, I feel as if I'll fall when I see it in my peripheral vision. Not fun at all.
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  7. TiredbutWired

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    antivert and it has helped so much.Please be careful to not fall or faint.I fainted a couple weeks ago and got a black eye and swollen face.Now I go in the hospital tommorrow for every test to rule out the worst to the least.I hope yours does not get any worse.Tracey
  8. MamawW

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    FayeBear I do not know about this muscle.
  9. Pat UK

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    Hi I have vertigo almost every year in the winter, I got it before I was diagnosed and was told it would go away eventually but it has`nt I think it is part of cfs.
  10. Jasmine

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    I've had terrible spells of vertigo and it is often related to the CFS. I've also had vertigo from an inner ear infection and from eating three teaspoons of salt (to increase my low blood pressure). I think some of my vertigo is from reduced oxygen flow to my brain.

    Most of my vertigo turned out to be allergies and Meclazine can help that. I was allergic to my Solar B-complex 100 mg vitamin pill. I had been taking it for years but due to extreme stress, I suddenly became allergic to it. I'm fine now because I switched brands to Twinlabs. Interestingly my husband also got vertigo from the Solgar B-complex. He took a Vitamin C pill (natural antihistamine) and it reduced his vertigo.

    Love, Jasmine