Very Concerned - Anyone heard from JaciBart?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MemoryLane, May 27, 2003.

  1. MemoryLane

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    Since she posted Sunday about her bleeding eye?

    Hope she posts soon,
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  3. JaciBart

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    You guys here are so sweet, I honestly don't know how I would still be alive w/o having found this place and Madwolf.

    I went to the er, what a fiasco that place is.

    Possibility something is in there, I think so definitely, the doc there could not find it, it is very bloody each morn upon waking, not just bleeding for some other scary reason, I am supposed to go to an opthalmologist, whatever it is is very sharp, is slicing on the white of my eye, above the eyeball, I had one of those days today where I just wondered why in the hell I am here, nothing to look forward to it seems sometimes, I just wanna shut out the world, I stayed in bed all day having a pity party. So I did not deal with it, ignored it. I promised my hubby I would take care of it tomorrow, call an opthalmologist, get an urgent appt, have him dig it out. It is embedded unfortunately, is not just on the surface of the eye so they will have to cut it out.

    I am supposed to be at my church tomorrow for an hour or two to work on this consulting project I am doing for them in our "communications" materials, hopefully I can get the eye done before or after that.

    I am in the middle of making a set of drapes for our kitchen and my stupid sewing machine decided last night not to work, so I am sewing them all by hand at this point, I had all the fabric all cut & ready to go, I want to get them done so I can go on to my next Martha Stewart project so I just bit the bullet and decided to do all handstitching, I need my eyes to work. I am just getting ready to start a lovely quilt too for our bed so I need to find a new and very cheap sewing machine soon.

    I have found that I have to keep myself busy with this dd, since I started distraction therapy it has really helped me to keep busy with something.

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    Glad that you are getting the eye taken care of...yes, the E.R. is generally such a fiasco! Not for the timid and weak of heart for sure! Sorry things are going so rough, I don't think I would try to handstitch those drapes until you get the eye taken care of, such a strain. We all have those days where the most of the world we care to see begins
    at our pillow and ends at our sheet! Just in case you need to hear it, you are not alone, you are a person of value, there are folks here that may not have ever seen you in person; yet love you, support you, come looking for you when we don't hear from you(LOL)... so do spend time taking care of you, and doing things you enjoy, but please never forget that even though there are days you can't see the point and feel will pass. Think like I do,
    sometimes I remind myself that it isn't always what I see that is most real, after all, most of us has never seen a million dollars but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, eh?
    Keep us posted in your eye situation, love, Rebel
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    to read about your troubles. Pray you can find the cause soon and get some relief.
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    but please do call a doc and get in ASAP. When I was around 14 I got a tiny bit of a metal fragment in one of my eyes when the wind was blowing hard on a beach. It was so painful and uncomfortable. There's still a *rust* spot on the white of that eye - at least I guess it's a *rust* spot - can the whites of your eyes scar??

    Take care of you!

  7. JaciBart

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    Saw the eye guy, he said (this is interesting) that my eye appears to have been chemically burned, more than likely it was plaster from our ceiling, this wknd I was scraping it with an exacto knife where the ceiling meets the wall to get a perfectly straight edge for wallpapering, (duh, what a dork I am!) and of course I had no eye protection on and he said that the plaster like that has a tendency to alkiline and burns the eye tissues, that is why I have such a bumpy icky bleeding spot.

    You would think I would know better, I need to finish up my wallpaper project too and I think I will wear my eyeglasses that I never wear.