Very difficult - watching movies / tv can stay in my brain-fog-mind far too long and too strongly!

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    Hi everyone,

    I was diagnosed with depersonalization ("DP") and I know that a lot of people with brain fog issues actually have Depersonalization. Either way, this is a brain fog / sensory question of sorts. Just wondering if anyone else gets this, and if so, what you might do to deal with it best...

    Whenever I watch a movie, I react so very deeply to what I am watching. It is hard to explain in words, especially in text, but it is as if my senses are still very attached to the sounds and visuals of the movie (or tv show) that I just watched. I have a difficult time getting the characters out of my head. So much so, that I have to really concentrate on what I am doing or who I am talking to, after the show has ended. This can last anywhere from 5 or 10 minutes, to a couple of hours.

    This sometimes happens when I am with people or in a deep conversation too, not only with tv. After I leave a gathering (especially if I leave abruptly) my brain feels like I am still in the conversation, and I have to so so strongly concentrate on where I am at, and what I am doing in order to try and 'snap' myself out of it.

    I cannot watch scary movies!!! EVER. I feel very "surrounded" by the thoughts and energies of the movies I watch, so NO scary or thriller type of movies whatsoever. As you can imagine, all of this just triggers so much extreme anxiety for me.

    Anyone relate, or understand this at all? Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated on this one!! Thanks everyone!!
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    Yes, I can relate to a movie, meeting or conversation that I "cannot leave" as if my mind is on overdrive and I am analyzing everything on 10 levels. Have had CFS for a long time and realized other people aren't so sensitive. Is a great skill to have for an indepth project or task, but now that energy is so limited, causes anger, frustration and worsening symptoms because I always feel like I am being rushed. I believe it is a combination of personality type and neurological illness. Some people with development disabilities have this. It is a relief to see someone else gets it!! Thx for the post
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    I don't have difficulties to the degree you do, but I have to be careful about situations with too much emotion, especially anger, or injustice. I don't have the ability to shut it off, so it just keeps sucking the energy out of me, leaving me drained. It's difficult to watch the news, or hear about politics/religion. Always fighting. Dreams can be especially difficult...they will generally stick with me for at least a day.