Very embarrassing herx symptom.

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by leyakat, Aug 18, 2005.

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    I've been on transfer factor for about a month. I'm taking it for HHV6. I just started having a fever and sore throat and the run down flu symptoms that are described as the herx symptoms but I also have the worst constipation ever. I've tried everything to help with that but nothing has helped. My doctor thinks it's because I have PCOS and have a cyst rupturing now and that is what is causing it. I think it's the herx from the transfer factor causing it because I have a fever now. Has anyone else had extreme constipation with a transfer factor herx? If you did what did you do to get it better. Or did it just normalize in time. (I think I've tried everything.)
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    The herx would be diarrhea caused by the body ridding itself of dead toxins. But, I am with you, usually something occuring simultaneously, then I think it is going together.

    I increase fiber by eating Wendy's chili for lunch, an apple or carrots for snack AND 1000 mg of Magnesium.

    Sorry you are having such a time.

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    Does Transfer factor help with heavy metals. I found out through blood testing that about 4 or 5 of my levels were high. Magnesium was on of the levels that was also high. Should I not take magnesium if it was too high in my blood test. I've tried stool softners without any luck. Maybe taking magnesium until it gets better won't cause my levels to get any higher.
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    without checking with your doc. It could cause heart beat irregularity.

    Lots of apple juice might help. The sugar molecule in apples is too large to pass through the intestine is what my doc said.

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    I tried doing two enemas back to back. Without luck. I did suppositories. The magniseum I did go a little bit. And felt better. I tried apple pectin. That's what we have here. It didn't really do anything. I tried prune juice mixed with metamucel like my doctor suggested and still nothing. maybe it's a big herx caused by the transfer factor and it will even out in time. I'm really nauseated and have a fever too. I think one of the other post said you really feel like you are dying. That's what I feel like now. This is the most sick I've ever been. Hopefully that's good. Does the first herx only last a week or is it different with each person? Thanks everone for emailing me back. I really appreciate it.