Very Helpful Info on EXERCISE....Worth Reading

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    I just read this thanks to a post by AngusS. It discusses techniques for exercise for those of us with Orthostatic Intollerance (which many or most of us do). I believe it's useful for all of us.

    I found it very helpful and sensitive to our struggle.
    I hope you find it helpful too.


    Exercise is important in regaining the effects that fitness brings in counteracting NMH or POTS.

    Because exercise can make NMH or POTS symptoms worse in the period before effective treatment has been found, it must be done carefully at first.

    When you and your doctor feel you are ready, begin a regular regimen of exercise, finding something that does not make you lightheaded and doing it for brief periods at first, increasing gradually.

    For example, one girl who had been ill for several years began functioning better once two of the NMH medications were working for her. She began exercising on a treadmill, but this made her lightheaded, so she switched to a reclining exercise bike.

    Although she started with only 2 minutes a day, she increased this in small increments up to 30 minutes 3 times a week after about three months.

    Walking, water jogging (the water acts as a compressing force to counteract blood pooling in the limbs), stretching, and Tai Chi or yoga may be gentle ways to ease back into exercise.

    Remember to warm up slowly before, and cool down gradually after exercise. If you plan to exercise outdoors, remember that extreme heat will worsen NMH or POTS.

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