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    this is about a lady who is very ill.she had neck surgey, a year ago and this is when this all started.
    shes in her 50,s she,s been all over had every kind of test that the Drs will give her,and I"m sure by now they have written her off.because they Can't find anythong wrong.

    she gets very cold,then her body shuts down,she can"t talk or move when this happens.she was in the living room the other day and she could feel this shut down comming on her hubby was in the other room on the phone she could"t yell at him because she can"t speek when this happens,but she was crying.
    he has to sit her up in bed to get her up in the mornings and she just falls backwards,but other times she can get around.
    does anyone have any ideas or have every heard of anything like this, I feel so bad for her, my daughter is trying to help her,she can"t work anymore and her husband lost his job and they"ve had to put their house on the market for sale, her hubby did find a job ,but its second shift and that leaves her alone.
    Hope someone will read this post,and have some ideas.
    thanks sixtyslady
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    This is from a post I wrote yesterday about the hpa axis:

    "One reason the chiropractor really fixes me up is because he pops my neck to relieve pressure on the vagus nerve. This is one of the main nerves of the parasympathetic system, which includes the endocrine glands and parts of the hypothalamus and thalamus."

    The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis controls body temperature and hormones, among many other things.

    All I can think of is that maybe they either damaged her vagus nerve during surgery or it's being pinched somehow. I would tell her to try going to a chiropractor, a good one that she can find by word of mouth.

    When I first got cfs, I was amazed how my pinched vagus nerve was easily relieved by the chiropractor and it had alot to do with how I felt and my ability to function. I didn't know anything about what he was doing when I first went, though; I've since figured it out between now and then.

    You pretty much described my symptoms before I went to the chiropractor. And I've had to go to a chiro ever since, or my nerve gets pinched. I go about every 2 weeks now, but at first I went about every 2-3 days.

    good luck to her, sounds like she needs it, allright

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  4. findmind

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    Does she get so cold she requires a lot of blankets on her to get warm?

    I had episodes just like this a few years back; it was very scary, sort of like a stroke, somewhat like a blood sugar drop, and I never figured out what caused it, for sure.

    I had been getting chelation therapy, and these attacks happened after treatments twice, so I stopped them.

    Another attack seemed to have no reason at all, but I couldn't say my own, or my children's DP asked me these things and I couldn't even understand the questions (they didn't seem to even apply to me!).

    They were very much like a stroke, but I rested and rode them out cuz I knew the drs wouldn't have any idea at all what caused them.

    Complete rest with good nutrition during these spells is vital I think. If your daughter could help her do that, it would maybe give her time to recover.

    My chiro won't touch my neck; it is bad with OA and DDD and I've gotten very very sick after treatments to that area of my body.

    I hope your friend gets answers that work for her, are great to try to help her solve it! It may be that the anesthetic she had during surgery has hurt her in some way. Maybe she can find out exactly what was given to her and the side effects; maybe a treatment would be suggested also.

    My TMJ surgery caused permanent neuropathy in my feet; I can no longer have any histamine producers, or curare, and one other.

    Bless you, your daughter and friend.

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    I just feel so bad for this lady.

    we all know how it feels when the DRs can not find anything wrong,I know she just feels hopeless.and so alone ,her 80 yr old parents came from iowa this summer to stay with her for awhile and then her Father passed away this fall.shes just had so much,and yes I"m sure shes depressed by this time,with no answers.
    she was a teacher and a very outgoing person ,she took my daughter under her wing when my daughter just started working at this hospital,and had to find a preschool for her little boy,she sent him to a christian school and this lady was one of the teachers.she helped my daughter thru her bought with cancer.
    I will send my daughter the suggestion you all have made and we thank you for your replys.

  6. Mini4Me

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    Sorry about your friend. Sounds like she needs to be seen by a doc right away. This is scary. I have been like this a few times, and the only thing that brought me around was a good soak in the hot tub, but you wouldn't want to do that home alone!
    Keep us posted.
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    Does she have an air purifier? If not, please tell her to at least try one. I honestly believe mine saved my life!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sixtyslady

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    all good suggestion, I"ll let my daughter know and she can tell Diane, about this.
    I agree, she needs to do something and I know she,s tried with many Drs,
    but maybe if she just hits the right one she"ll get some help.God Bless all, sixtyslady

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