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  1. bigmama2

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    the website is [web site address removed as per rules]

    this is the place that is treating me and my sibling, and we are both starting to feel MUCH better. If we continue to get better - that place will be a miracle for us

    has anyone else looked at and really read alot about adrenal fatigue on that website? if so what do you think about it?

    I had the recommended test- and my results came back at a stage 5 (out of 7, 7 being the worst) 5 is pretty bad.

    my brother had the test and his results were definately abnormal yet inconclusive as to which "stage" of mis function he had.

    we are both being treated by the dr. there and we are starting to get results. we have both been sick and exhaused for YEARS. this is the first thing that is helping us!!!!!!!!!! honestly we are both a little bit in shock, and just hoping and praying that this improvement continues.

    I know I have been posting ALOT about my experience w the adrenal test, and my recent improvement. I hope you guys are not getting sick of it. I just feel that maybe it could help some of us.

    I also want to state that I have absolutely NO connection, interest, financial incentive, etc to all that I have been posting about (the saliva test, the clymer healing center, Dr. Neville, MilAdregen supplements)

    thanks for reading!
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    I think it's great to hear about your progress!
  3. bigmama2

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    do you think this adrenal stuff is a big factor for many of us CFSers?
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    thank you so much for posting. of course i want to hear all experiences with this treatment philosophy and center- whether good or bad. info is power. I'm sorry it didn't help you, and those other people.

    what does treating "downstream" mean? Does Cheney treat adrenal fatigue w adrenal glandular supps?

    i so wonder how many of us cfs people the treatment can help. for example if everyone on this board went there (or to any good dr who can treat adrenal fatigue) how many would improve? maybe it would be 20%, like you said. I really dodn't know.

    Me and my brother are improving dramatically. But I do understand that there are subgroups of cfs patients, and apparently we are in the subgroup of adrenal fatigue being a major factor of our fatigue. (I was a stage 5!! on the test- my adrenals are shot!- so no wonder it's helping me)

    And I agree with you that is seems wierd that that clinic feels that treating adrenal problems will cure/improve most people w cfs, and that it is the only thing you have to treat.

    I have spent a total of $160 for the test/ consult, and about $30 on the supps. total of $190. For me compared to the thousands and thousands I have spent on drs. and tests and medicines, and supps over the last decade (with NO improvement at all- total waste of time and money) this seems like an incredible bargain!!!!!!!

    (the only other thing that has not ben a waste of $$ was my testing done at Philly FFC.)

    My brother feels exactly the same way. He was ready to get ECT (electric shock therapy) for his severe depression. NOw of course he is putting that idea on hold, and will see if he continues to improve.

    again thank you for sharing what you know about this. I hope you (and all of us here) find things to help us.

  5. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

  6. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I'm NOT tired of hearing about it. I've been taking Compounded Cortisol 15 mg. for about a year. It helps a little. When I took 60 mg while having a severe allergy, it helped at little more.

    I have found the Mil Adregen at Vitamin Shoppe and am going to buy some maybe Tuesday. Will let ya all know how it goes.
  7. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    great! did you ever have a blood or saliva test for cortisol? if yes how long ago? maybe get retested? the MilAdregen is powerful stuff. not sure how safe it is to take with out Dr supervision. do you have a good dr who knows about this stuff?

    i read your bio- i like your occupation-- "well-read sick person" . that's my occupation too!!!!!!!! i could open my own cfs library. maybe i will someday!!!!
  8. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I recently read a product from "The Vitamin Shoppe" was discovered to have a high lead content. There is a website called comsumer lab that tested many vitamins and found the high lead content. Below is a response from Vitamin Shoppe.

    That is the last thing we need is to increase exposure to lead... I guess they were concerned enough to recall their product, even if they don't confirm the problem.

    The Vitamin Shoppe calls for independent testing procedures

    By Clarisse Douaud

    1/26/2007- Following the withdrawal of its women’s multivitamin product - as a result of allegations of high lead content by - the Vitamin Shoppe has expressed both its desire to get to the truth of the matter and for industry to devise new testing methods.

    NutraIngredients-USA ran an article Wednesday on the Vitamin Shoppe's decision to withdraw its "Especially for Women" multivitamin. The decision was sparked by the highly publicized results of a study conducted by industry watchdog that pinpointed 11 products - out of 21 tested - as not meeting their labeled contents and standards.

    The Vitamin Shoppe has said it is investigating the case, but has also questioned the integrity of ConsumerLab’s testing and intentions - raising the question of who should regulate the dietary supplement industry.

    “Our industry badly needs an independent testing procedure that truly has the best interests of the consumer at heart,” said the Vitamin Shoppe CEO Tom Tolworthy, although he did not elaborate on what form testing could take or where funding for such an entity could come from.

    ConsumerLab said the Vitamin Shoppe’s multivitamin was contaminated with 15.3 micrograms of lead per daily serving. This is more than ten times the amount of lead permitted without a warning label in California – the only state to regulate lead in supplements – and several times the normal daily exposure to lead.

    “We have no proof that our Especially for Women Multivitamin has been contaminated,” said Tolworthy.

    “Lead is a naturally occurring element within nature and exists in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Nevertheless, while we remain convinced that the product is safe, as directed, we have committed to keep the health and safety of our customers first and foremost by removing the item from sale while we conduct our investigation.”

    The Vitamin Shoppe said it has not received the complete and unedited test results with the allegedly high lead content from ConsumerLab. The retailer said it received a summary only, which does not name labs doing the tests – nor the methodology, protocols or certification used in these labs.

    This, said the compay, has meant it has not yet been able to perform the same tests as those contracted by ConsumerLab.

    “At this time, we have no way to independently authenticate or replicate results.”

    In an interview with NutraIngredients-USA on Wednesday, ConsumerLab president Tod Cooperman said his organization does in fact make its tests readily available to companies.

    The Vitamin Shoppe has also stood by its assertion that its products are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

    “We have strict checks and record keeping requirements that follow "Good Manufacturing Practices" for food and all products delivered to our distribution facility.”

    Draft current GMPs were published in 2003, but the final version of the guidelines are reported to still be going through a law-making process at the Office of Management and Budget.

    “There is a proposed regulation for GMPs that are specific for dietary supplements that have been in discussion since 1995, said Tolworthy. “We regularly audit our contract labs to assure that they are complying with our educated best guess as to what these proposed regulations will entail and for the legally required compliance with food GMPs.”

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    thanks for the warning! all info is important. the Mil Adregen supps are not made by Vitamin Shoppe. so i'm not worried about the lead.

    mil adregen is made by a company called Miller Pharmacal. The dr who recommended it to me has been using it a llooong time at his clinic with good results. (most of the time - I'm sure it doesn't help everyone. you know how tricky cfs is to treat. we are all so different.)

    take care

    bigmama2 (whois awake and able to function this MORNING!!!!)
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    hi huck. Yeah, I also can't take anymore dumb. I used to be rather smart. NOw I lose my train of thought in mid sentence about 3 times every day. Embarrassing!!!!

    anyways I am still hopeing that everyone checks out this website-- chronic fatigue dot org. their treatment philosophy is helping me greatly! it will help those of us who have adrenal fatigue. and I sure do!!!!!!!

    if you want to hear my story about this- please read my post "I can't believe I'm feeling better"

    and NO I am not selling or "promoting" anything, nor do I have any connection to the website , other than I am am being treated by their clinic, and it is helping me.

    I wish I had this info 12 freakin years ago!!!!!!

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    wow i just noticed that it was removed. i am confused. i am only trying to spread info that will help some of us, that's all. maybe prohealth thinks i am trying to "promote" something? i am trying to promote knowledge that will probably help some of us. this is the first thing that has helped me in 12 years, so i can't help but share my enthusiasm for it!!!!

    i love prohealth and this immune support website. it is a life line for me. I don't want to piss them off!

    anyways, if you do a search on clymer healing center and adrenal fatigue you should find it. there are lots of other websites dealing with same info - adrenal fatigue and its diagnosis and treatment. the test has to be a saliva test. there are several different labs that do it.

    good luck!

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