very impt info about disability for cfs/fibro

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  1. bigmama2

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    i cant believe i never heard about this before.!!

    look up "SSR 99-2P" . it is a document from the US social security administration than shows what is required for one to get disability for our illnesses.

    and one of the test examples was just like my blood test results! (the epstein barr one) i have been wondering about trying for disability for a while now. maybe i will do it.

  2. Jeanette62

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    Do you have a link so it will make it easier to find?
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  4. SpecialK82

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    thank you so much for the info and for the link. I also would qualify with my EBV tests.

  5. bigmama2

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    just to clarify- i dont think that ebv igg titers of 5120 or worse means that you automaticaly get approved. but in the document, it was one specific example of a blood test result that will SUPPORT and led credibility to your filing for disability.