Very interesting article @ ADD/CFS by Dr. Goldberg

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    I just found an interesting article about, well, just about everything we've been discussing on this board. It's pretty long but it talks about ADD, CFS, allergies, candida, HHV-6/7, EBV, CMV, lab tests, T-cells, NK cells, antivirals, interferons, kutapressin, gamma globolins, ampligen, and tons of other stuff.

    Anyway, I found it to be helpful and learned a few new things. You'd want to type in Dr. Michael J. Goldberg in a search engine (on Google it was the first one entitled Home) or maybe you can find it by finding neuroimmunedr and a dot com. The link is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Children and Adults and its connection to ADHD.

    Hope you find it useful.