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    As many of you know, Sarah Myhill is a doctor in the UK with a great deal of knowledge and experience re CFS. She has an excellent website with tons of info and does mitochondrial testing.

    Here's an article I received from her office yesterday, which is giving me great pause for thought:

    It was written by one of her patients.

    I had mitochondrial testing done by Dr. Myhill close to 4 years ago (I'm in California - we did everything by FedEx). Results showed great abnormalities in ATP production and other values. She provided me with a suggested protocol to follow, which I did, except for magnesium injections. I talked to my doctor here in Thousand Oaks about mag. injections and he disparaged the idea (and he is very knowledgable about nutrition, supplements, etc.) He said taking oral magnesium was sufficient.

    After reading the above article, I did some more reading on Dr. Myhill's website (see about magnesium and she explains the difference between cellular and serum magnesium, and how the body will maintain serum magnesium at all costs to protect the heart, but adequate serum levels of magnesium are no indication of magnesium levels inside the cell. and she believes that low intracellular magnesium is a cause of mitochondrial failure and the inability to convert ADP to ATP.

    And she further believes that magnesium injections are the best way (and maybe the only way) to raise cellular magnesium levels sufficiently.

    The author of the first article above had marked improvement after he injected a lot of magnesium (I don't know how much). Anyways, I'm going to get magnesium injections (to do myself) one way or another. The only downside is they are supposed to hurt (nothing's simple with this DD!) but I don't care. I've done horrible detoxing and survived - As I told my sister today, the only thing I haven't tried is painful injections - so why not give that a try! :)

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    thanks for writing.
    how often is inj. needed, and how much each time?

    good with your protocol.
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    I don't know how much magnesium injections cost but I'd look into the amino acid solution (peptide) injections which address the root problem of our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
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    Ann - read this article for Dr. Myhill's recommendations re dosage and length of treatment:

    The injections are by prescription, you can do it yourself (best if someone shows you how).

    I realized I should get the red cell magnesium test done first that Dr. Myhill mentions, before trying to do the injections.

    Read the articles - they're very informative, easy to read -

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Mikie - I did have one peptide injection about 2 years ago - it was very pricey (around $300 - I'm sure it's more now) and I reacted badly to the injection, so both my doctor and I agreed we wouldn't continue with it. If I'd had a positive result like you did, I would have gone into debt for close to $4,000 (which I don't have), but it would have been worth it to get my life back.

    Magnesium is cheap. I cannot imagine the mag sulfate costs much at all. Dr. Myhill's reasoning is very interesting, I recommend looking at the articles I linked above.

    I realize I should have the red cell magnesium test done first before trying the injections. But going by hair analysis I've had done over several years, I'm pretty sure my levels will be low despite years of oral magnesium supplements.

    How are you doing with your latest peptide injection? I saw where you had one recently - do you have to have more?

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    Dear Mary,

    Bad reactions to the peptide injections are rare. I'm so sorry you had one. Good luck with whatever treatment you opt for.

    Love, Mikie