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    I'm new to this site but feel very isolated so I found your site. I am severe pain for the last 6 weeks. Went to my Rheumy last week (first appt. I could get). She started me on tylonol 3, then darvacet and now Hydrocodone/apap/5/500 mg. I still feel the pain...want to scream and a failure. All i feel with this new med is fuzzy head and itchy. The pain is pounding, stabbing and constant. Is there anyone out there that knows what i should do? I hate this. I was dx'd 7 yrs. ago. Been pain free for 2 years. But NOW....thank you...czrRae
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    Im so sorry to hear your in so much pain, I to suffered like that for along time, I know ive had FM for years but just DX this past March, it has taken sicence then to get on a good med. base, ive had it all, they start you off slow and play around for awhile, my idea for you, which I got from a wonderful man who was a doctor on this board(he's no longer here) is to keep a pain dairy, you can find some on line, go to your search key and type in pain dairy and a bunch will come up. Record your pain every day, what you did what the weather is like and so on. I did that and when i brought it in to my doctor she was very impressed. We all know how we feel and if you like me sometimes I just dont know how to say it, I told my doctor after I gave her my pain dairy that this is how I feel and if you can see how I feel daily then you can treat me better, it has worked! and then they can see you pain, times of day and they also wont look at you like you a pill seaker. I hope ive helped alittle? what kind of doctor are you seeing again? Hang in there, it can get better, have you tried using ben gay or icy hot at all???
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    Please call the dr tomorrow. If you are itchy you may be allergic to one of the meds which will just make you feel a lot worse. You're not a failure, the meds are failing you and may need to be changed.

    Wish you well.