Very low back paindo ya know what it isHad for yrs.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I can't remember when I began having this pain. It's been many yrs. Long before I found out about the FM. It has nothing to do with the bladder. It is very low-in the middle of the back-right above the crack,for lack of a better word--LOL.. It used to be just in that one spot but now it has spread out some on both sides. It hurts so bad I can't stand to touch it myself. I try not to touch that spot if I can help it. When my niece was little she liked to run up behind me and grab me,just playing, and every single time,not knowing,she would hit that spot and it would send me in to spasms and make me want to scream. But of course I couldn't say nothing to her about it she was only about 3 or 4.

    But she's gonna be 15 in Oct. so that would be at least 12 yrs. ago and I had it before then. I need to ask my dr. Probably need XRays but of course that cost money of which I don't have. so does anyone have any ideas what it might be?

    Thanks ahead of time. Keke
  2. Is it in the tailbone, coccyx area? There is a post if you type it in search. I use ice and it helps sometimes.
  3. Marta608

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    You really do need x-rays but you know that....

    It sounds like a disc problem but the "spreading" of the pain could be FM. There are trigger points in the back/hip area.

    When you lie down, do you keep your knees elevated so that you're not lying flat? It's also helpful for me to lie on my back and VERY slowly bring my knees up to my chest as far as I can without pain, then hold them there for about 30 seconds. It stretches out the back muscles. I don't think it could make you worse but I'm not a doctor so use your own good judgement until you can see one.


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