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  1. rbecca47

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    i have been recently dz with fm and cfs, also with ddd. my question is, this, has any one suffered from savere, chest wall pain. i was sent to er, for that yesterday. and said i had chest wall pain. and no real reason for it. said i must have strained my muscles. but i know i didn't. i know that my neck and shuolders, down my arms ache horribly. but the pain in chest was the worse. also has anyone had there face go numb.
  2. fivesue

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    I do have all those symptom...they truly hurt. I have found that a trigger point massage, muscle relaxants, stretching helps some, but it's never quite gone. You are not alone...but I'm sorry you're going through this. It's an awful hurt.

    Guess I can offer only what I've said, and also welcome you to this board. I hope that you can get some relief from this as it is so painful. One thing this disease majors in is PAIN and fatigue. I know you must feel overwhelmed like many, so I hope you can come here often to learn you are not alone in your suffering. I have seen few posts that only one person has.

    Do take care...and hope. New medicines are coming that may help us all out of this cycle of living in pain and exhaution. That is a great hope.

  3. heartinheaven

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    to the board rbecca47! I have had FM/CF for a long time and I too have a lot of chest pains, shooting pains that go from my neck to arm, very similar to symptons of heart attack but all ekgs etc are fine. I also have numbness on left side of face that comes and goes. Don't have any answers for you but I know what you are feeling.


    H Michael
  4. orachel

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    I've had the numb face thing, very very distracting, to say the least! Also had some weird thing where all the muscles around my left eye felt very fatigued and "droopy". I didn't look any different, no eye tick or anything, but felt totally awful. I've only been diagnosed a month so I'm new to this too, but one thing I've realized is that anything is possible with FM. The other day, I had a terrible pain in my elbow, for crying out loud! You know how weird that is, to tell someone your elbow hurts?! lol...
    I haven't had any major chest pain, but I have an arrythmia condition that was totally under control and almost never bothered me, but it got all flared up with the FM. If I'm not mistaken, chest wall is a big muscle, so makes sense to me that it could be terribly painful just like any other muscle/joint with FM. I do know from experience how terrifying it is to have chest pains, though, no matter what the source is. You did the right thing in getting it checked out.
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    Hi - I have CFS and am very new to it. My main symtom and cause of stress with it is the severe headaches and numbness on the left side of my face. I know exactly what you are feeling and am in the same boat !
  6. Bailey-smom

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    When my chest, neck, shoulders, etc start to hurt it helps to use moist heat. A damp wet towl, bath, moist heating pad. Helps for a while.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  7. rileyearl

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    Yes, I've had chest pain and, along with it, a shooting pain across the side of my face and chin. Classic heart attack symptoms for women. I hadn't figured out I had fms yet, so the cardiologist did a stress test, ultrasound and an angiogram to figure out my heart was just fine. By the time I had the heart attack scare and all those tests, I was totally stressed out and the fms pain really kicked in. When I went back to the cardiologist for the last visit, I told him I thought I had fms. He did a double-take look and said lots of fms patients have heart attack symptoms.

    I'm not going to be surprised at what creepy things this DD causes anymore. (easy to say!)

    Welcome--I hope you check-in often!

    Take care!

  8. JLH

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    Hello, rebecca!

    Welcome to our board/support group! Glad you found us!

    I also have same problems as you, plus many more (see my bio).

    I have had the same chest wall pain--apparently for no reason, but I don't know what really aggraviates it. It's an inflammation of the chest wall lining, called costrocondritis (? on spelling!).

    My neck, shoulders, arms, chest wall area always hurt the most, especially if I've been doing something with my arms. Reaching my arms up to do something really gets to me a lot. I'm hurting pretty bad now because I've been reaching up in my closet taking fall clothes out of one closet and hanging them in another. It will take weeks to get the pain calmed down.

    When your chest wall lining is inflammed, just take an anti-inflammatory med daily for a week to 10 days to make sure you get the inflammation down.

    I have never had my face go numb, though! I would certainly be asking my doctor about that one!! It may not be fibro related.

  9. lvjesus

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    Pain in my side under my arm was the first tender spot to send me to the doc. He suspected a pulled muscle in the chest wall and prescribed anti-inflammatants (Advil, etc). One week later I awoke to pain in a band around my chest and back that sent me BACK to the doctor.

    He found another tender spot (boy did he ever) in middle of my upper back so he sent me for a back Xray that showed some arthritis but not so as to cause my pain.

    A few days later I was in the ER with chest pressure like someone had a hand in the middle of my chest. You guessed it, EKG was fine. They could have found that out before they let a newbie with a needle try to take blood out of my hand. She hurt me so bad I burst into tears and it has to be bad for me to do that in front of all those people.

    The ER doc mentioned FM and I researched it on my own, went back to the PCP and asked point blank if he thought it could be FM and shortly came the dx after blood work to rule out other things.

    A lot of my pain is in my upper body, shoulders, etc because I work on the computer.