Very Nice Anti-Epstein Barr Virus Protocol

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    Wanted to share this valuable Natural Protocol of curing Chronic Eppstein Barr Virus naturally:

    My contribution on this Curezone Thread is the last comment:

    "Read through this thread carefully to fully extract the Protocol that "Search2008" followed to cure himself of EBV Virus:
    AntiViral Program Succeeded in Eradicating EBV and Hepes Infections for subscriber Search2008 in year 2010:

    1- Vitamin D3 at 10,000 iu daily for three months.
    2- 1000 mg Lysine tablets first month x 3 times daily before meals by 1 hour.
    3- 1000 mg Vitamin C, 3 x daily before meals. First month.
    4- Sambucol Anti viral, Elderberry Extract double dose taken 4 times daily before meals by 1 hour. 3 months
    5- Milk Thistle Thisylin brand 3 capsules x 3 x daily. 3 months
    6- Three caps of Herpe Eze Antiviral product x 3 times daily before meals. 3 months
    7- Heathy diet with no junk food, all organic vegetables.
    8- Suntan daily 30 minutes.

    I just compiled this as a service to others as i felt it is a very practical program that worked well. By the way i had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for twenty years, but now 95% cured. I still have some EBV remaining and will use the above program to kill it off.


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