Very Pissed off in Tennessee!!!!

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  1. Granolamom

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    First, Marry Christmas!!!

    Monday I had an MRI ( all normal). My DR had me go through the Er due to the fact he was leaving town for three weeks and didn't want to wait for insurane approval.

    Er Dr. asked for symptoms.

    Muscle pain
    Frequent urination
    Unable to sleep though the night
    jerking limbs while falling asleep
    Tingeling in fingers
    Restless legs in the past
    While telling him this he looked at me like I was nuts!!!
    I then mentioned to the ER DR. that I had been DX w/ Fibro.and that I had 14 total pain in pressure points. He then said. "Fibro is just a catch all that Dr.s give when they can't find anything else wrong"!!!!!!!

    I was so upset. I have had so much crap going on for so many years that i ws glad to have finely been DX with something!!!

    What the hell is up with this. Then the Dr, told my husband that he thought it could be some "somatic disorder"

    Just needed to vent.

    Anyone had anything like this happen.
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I probably would have told him to go to hell. I'm sorry you were treated to this kind of behavior; it's inexcusable.

    Love, Mikie
  3. LisaMay

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    Don't let it get to you. Some doctors just don't believe in FM - why I'm not sure. Probably because they don't know enough about it, there is no "test" to prove its existance, and some are just plain ignorant. I've heard people say their doc said "it's all in your head" or "you should really speak with a psychiatrist". I would like to knock their block off!

    I'm glad your MRI was normal. Try not to get too upset since it will aggravate your symptoms. Lisa
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Don't let that doctor get to you. Most of them need a course in 'bedside manner'!

    I believe they just 'hate' anything that can't be proved in a test tube, so therefore they just say it does not exist!

    I have been to a few of them too, I think most of us can relate to your experience in one way or the other.

    Take care, and don't let this stress you out, thats a no, no with Fibro.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. JaciBart

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    How in the hell can they say it is just a "catch all" diagnosis when all of us have the same symptoms and many of the symptoms of this dd are so strange but yet very consistent, down to the stupid little blister type things on the tops of our fingers but only between the hand and the first knuckle, how about our twitching, there are so many weird things about this a person could not possibly imagine these things or make them happen.

    Tell anyone who says this to bit the wall. Or better yet take a little of your blood, I love that one!

  6. amilyne

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    hi leah, some docs are just jerks,...its as if "since they werent the ones who thought of it ,then its not right, true or real"...i know my boyfriend is the same way but hes wierd he'll act concerned and ask me whats wrong if i seem withdrawn, sad, moan or am just not myself, and ill tell him finally after he bugs me about it whats wrong and hes like "oh ya that again""its feeebro that mexican pimp again"lol(sorry but its kindof funny) ugh but it is sooo darned frustrating..and my problem with docs is that they believe in it and my doc actually made the dx before it got a nursing assistant and im 22 so i always thought that my aches and pains were job related ands now that its getting worse he wont give me anything for pain..and i always have to go to the ER when i cant stand it anymore..fortunately most docs will give me something for a few days sorry that doc was such a jerk to you..that sucks..
    best wishes, ami
  7. joannie1

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    I know how upsetting this kind of thing is. Especially when they talk to others in front of you while you are there as "IF" you are a child or are just not there period. Next time you are spoken to in this manner say WOW!!! I didn't realize all this time I was seeing other Doctor's and all I needed to do was come to you. Since you are soo much more medically smart then all these other Doctors what in the world is wrong with me then? And if they say it is somatic tell them maybe they should see a shrink for being so darn pregidist against patients like you.
    Don't let Doctors' like this get you down okay. it is wasted energy and you don't need that. Chalk it off as another bad Doctor who doesn't have knowledge of the DD and there for is just ignorant.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  8. dan0248

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    Well I for one would like to meet him; I always like to know what stupid looks like. My Daddy always told there were going to be people like this. Do you know I’d like to have him come stay with me for about a month? I climb poles and work on high voltage lines for a living, well I did up till the 22nd of October that’s when I built a really huge 7200 volt electric fire, because of lack of sleep and concentration. I want him to be there when I drop things off a 45 foot pole because I no longer have the strength in my upper arms and my hands feel like they have been smashed. I want this little chicken #$%^ to lay in my bed next to me so that every time I wake up to try to find another place to turn that doesn’t hurt as much as the one I was just in, so I can wake him up to see what’s it like. I want him to be around when my legs start to jerk around so I can share the fun with him when he gets kicked, have him ask my wife what it feels like. I want him to be in my line of fire when I only get about 10 hours sleep in a week because of this DD; I’m not a real nice person to get along with then. I want him to set with me so I can hit him with a stick everytime I get a muscle cramp that feels like someone is trying to rip it off my body. And I want him to run with me when I have to find a toilet at least 5 times a day because of the constant diarrhea. I’m not even going to say anything about pissing every 30 minutes. O yes I really would like for this little man to tag along with me just for a week. We need to get them folks down at the SS Department to tag along for a full week, I’d like to give them a month but why make them suffer the way we do. Keep the faith and never quit fighting.

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  9. mapessd

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    That sorry So n So couldn't make it threw one of our better days . I left a Very long mariage to a man who would not try to understand what i was going threw. He allways had some smart remark about how i'm always not feeling well or how sore i was And that only put me under more stress and we all know what stress does to us.. So now i have less stress and doing a LITTLE better now the fool makes coments about Well aree you compleaty better now ?? what a ass
    Anyhow my Dr.s are real understanding and i have some really dear friends who have helped me alot. I could only hope everyone els had Dr.s like mine
    So Dan if you find anyone who could put up with what we go threw let us all know
    Hugs Sue
  10. onesmileymyley

    onesmileymyley New Member

    I know excatly how you feel. I went threw that several times and just learned to ignore them. I actually told the last doc. who said that to me to go back to med school as he must have skipped the important classes and that if he did not know all of the disease's he should know then he is in the wrong practice. needless to say he asked me to leave his office and that if I was so good at diagnosing people then I should have been a doctor and then I said I am a better one then him and never went to med school. My hubby was so imbarraed but yet proud of me as I was not going to let a uneducated prick tell me It was all in my head,,,,
  11. KayLyn

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    It's not funny...I was told for years that I was crazy as well...I finally had a doctor who felt something was wrong but was not sure what it was(I love this doctor, he really did try) he tested me of Lupus...and several other things...which all were he diagnosed me with fibro...he told me that people died in the 17th century from what was then called consumption...which we now know is TB...and no one knew what it was then...and he felt that fibro would be understood better over time....and sent me to a nerologist...who said I was crazy(he was the poorest excuse for a doctor I have ever known of)and his report went to the doctor I love so his hands were tied as far as any other testing...but then I had a car wreck...and the MRI showed MS...doctors...if they would just I have both bad as it is...I did feel vendicated when I got the results...I guess that is the bad thing about is so real...but it is not visable or least the MS shows up in MRI studies...I am sorry you had to go through is so upseting...KayLyn
  12. ohmyaching

    ohmyaching New Member

    I know I can never expect any medical help until the doctors in this area except that this disease does exist and they start to treat it as the serious illness that it is. For years I've been growling at the doctors to express my displeasure with their "it's all in your mind" diagnosis. It may be in my mind, but it is also in my back, legs, arms, etc. There is no way I can feel this bad and not have anything physically wrong.
    I am changing how I deal with the doctors. Rather than mention the name of this disease (CFS) which just causes them to roll their eyes, I try to be very specific with my symptoms. The doctors may not know what to do about the disease, but they seem more inclined to try something when they are given a symptom. I have to be careful that I don't say things like I hurt all over, but be more specific and say something like I have a lot of stiffness in my arms and legs.
  13. evileva

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    and I don't blame you one bit. I had all your symptoms too when I first went to my doc. He ended up sending me to a physiologist, so he could decide which direction to go in. He mentioned MS and ALS, so he sent me for an MRI, well that came back with a couple of lesions (so they say) and I was sent to a Neurologist who did tests and said that he didn't know what was wrong with me. So then, my physician said that he knew there was SOMETHING wrong with me so he sent me to another neurologist, oh well, I could go on and on. Anyway,there aren't too many doctors who DO know about this, luckily it was my own physician who diagnosed me with the cfids/fibro but alas, I had to move to a different state so I am in the process of finding a new doc who knows about this DD. Good luck to you and don't take any shit off a so called doctor who doesn't know his own ass from a hole in the ground.
  14. Debs63

    Debs63 New Member

    I have learn that some docs can be pains in the A$$... well I for one will not take their stuff anymore!
    One doc did me that way... I said well I was not the one who DX me with fibromyalgia...actually I would love for a educated doct to fix me. I hate being in pain and not able to do the things I like. SHUT HIM UP!

    I am not nice to them type of docters...I was involved in a study about docter with such behavors. Well they dont keep up to date about illnesses...its the nurses who keep updated..they go to all the conference and classes not the docters!.

    I am lucky the docters I see do attend classes and conferences to learn about new stuff.