very scared, vision goes blurry and thinking go blurry.

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  1. redtex

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    i have these spells were my vision and brain goes wacky. i can't even call my best friends names. i have trouble reading words. it goes away after an hour or two and then i get a head ache that lasts for a day or two . i usually have 2 or 3 of these spells and then periods of time without them. they come out of nowhere. some have called it optical migraine but with the mental disfunction i don't know . please help with any advice. i live alone and am very frightened. thanks redtex.
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    I have a lot of trouble with my vision .This is very scary.All you can do is go to the eye doctor and be sure nothing is going on . My FM/CFS seems to be the cause I've had it all checked out and again nothing shows up .Except I do have cateracts on both eyes sshe said will cause the blurry vision.They are still to small to have removed.

    Get your headaches checked out also .It will probably be just another symtom of these DD but follow up on other things that could be causeing it to be safe.
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    Did you read the post about Migraine verus Myth? Two weeks ago I did something to repair or make new neurotransmitters. My vision and mental function improved greatly.
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    I would ask for an MRA, MRI and eye doc check so you can rule out anything. It probably is the FM/CFS but you know what, it will continue to scare you unless you check it out.

    An MRA looks at blood vessels and the MRI looks at matter.

    I get optical migraines from time to time. Here is what it seems like. The room seems very distorted, like a Chagal painting, the light changes to a dim light, I see curved shaped zigzags floating about, I cannot think straight. I get no pain at all with these. The headache comes later. Some people get head pain with them.

    Love Anne

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    redtex go ahead and get it checked out my migraines are like strobelight effects in one eye for a few tunnel vision cant see cause i go blind and then bam headache from you know where and itll last 2-3 days with nausea, and the feeling of my head will explode. i now have floaters in my vision in both eyes so i went to the eye doc and he looked inside and all is good i had an mri to see if i had ms all is good so i started to wonder if its symptom of parkinsons becuase double vision is a symptom of that. thats what i have now . topamax helps withj migraines. now im a blonde and i use to tell people oops a blonde moment when i forgot something or i didnt make sense, i cant do that now thats too many blonde moments.:) the fog is thick and now i cant add or subtract in my head anymore, cant focus i just cant remeber i dunno.hard time reading and understanding what i read. i have to go over what i type here over and over and ver and over before i post to see if it makes sense. when its a bad moment or two hours just go lay down or sit in yur favorite chair. oh i talk to myself and answer now. wonderful huh:) lol take care