Very sore and swollen fingers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skatskat, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. skatskat

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    I am new here. I have posted only a couple of times. I was diagnosed with Fibro and CFS a little over a year ago. For the last 6-7 months I have had extremely painful and swollen fingers, and lately have found that my elbows ache. I'm sure they are just more symptoms of Fibro, but wonder if anyone else is going through this. Also, how does one politely decline a handshake? This is a real problem, especially in church when the pastor asks everyone to introduce themselves to one another and shake hands. There have been times when I actually tell people I am coming down with a cold and shouldn't shake hands, but I can't go on doing that forever! If I don't offer my hand people still try to shake hands and I feel embarrassed. Any ideas will be very appreciated.

  2. bitter-sweet

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    Swollen hands was one of my first symptoms, and the pain came later. It is challenging to avoid handshakes. I had tendonitits of my wrists not long ago, and not thinking I shook a visiting pastor's hand and almost fell to my knees. Since then, I'm very careful, and I have found honestly to be the best policy with a brief explanation of the pain you have. Most people are understanding.
  3. tlc8858

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    Yeah, I have the swollen fingers too. THey come and go. I also have extreme aching right above my elbows. Mine all came on after I was diagnosed with fm. some days it is really unbearable.
  4. IgotYou

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    My fingers swell frequently so that my rings get uncomfortable, and they ache very badly - before my DX I thought I had arthritis or something. I think with the hand shaking thing, even though nobody likes talking about or hearing about every little ache and pain, you really need to tell people the truth. Something like, "I'd love to shake your hand, but I have a medical condition that makes it very painful for me." If anyone will understand, I'd hope it would be the people at your church!
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    ....excellent advice. I have throbbing, swollen-feeling hands, too, sometimes worse than others. I think Igotyou's answer was excellent---be honest, but explain concisely, and depend on friends & acquaintances to utilize the human nature they were born with and understand....I think they will!

    By the way, welcome here----this is a great resource for support & information on how to cope day-to-day with this illness. I'm glad you found us!

  6. EllenComstock

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    The pain is especially bad on the right hand (the one I write with) and my index and middle fingers are the worst. I don't really get the swelling in my hands, but I do in my feet (especially my left foot).

    I understand the problem of shaking hands. I am Catholic and in one part of the mass you shake hands with everyone and say "peace be with you". Everyone also holds hands during the praying of the "Our Father". My husband and I go to the early mass and sit in the balcony where there are few people. Most of the time we are by ourselves so I don't have to shake hands with anyone. Instead of shaking my hand, my husband gives me a kiss during the "peace" time, which is really nice!

  7. achy

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    My hands swell, but not the joints, inbetween them!! This DD has settled in my hands and lease that where it always hurts...SEVERELY.

    I found a great arthritis glove that reduces the swelling and gently massages the hand and fingers. it has 3/4 length fingers, so they get massaged too, but the tips are open so they don't inerfere wiht anything....They are called thermoskin arthritis gloves.

    The glove also helps in regards to the hand shake problem too...they see the glove and don't offer their hand. I just say arthritis and naturally, they understand.

    Welcome to the group, hope to see your posts often. Thanks to the hands I can't post too often, but I am always reading and lurking around...tee hee

    warm fuzzies