Very special friend in surgery tonight

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Beadlady, Aug 26, 2011.

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    I hope you all could keep my "little sis" in your prayers. She had a MRI this morning looking for why all the headaches that won't stop and she went to surgery at 5pm tonight. I know surgery can take a long time. I'm waiting for a call to get an update on her status.


  2. windblade

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    It's now Saturday morn, 10:30 am. Praying for your friend. Thanking God for his great, perfect love for her. She is his priceless child! Praying for all of her needs, Dr.'s, surgery.

    Please keep my husband and I in your prayers. We are in New Jersey where hurrican Irene will hit tonight - all night into Sunday morning. We are not on shore - all have been evacuated there. But the winds will be very strong here, plus flooding, power off, etc.

    Will be back as soon as possible. Might take a week or two with the whole NorthEast a mess. Sorry for changing the subject - feeling kind of nervous.

    love to all,
  3. Beadlady

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    I talked to my friend today--I call her lil sis--they removed a tumor the size of a 50 cent piece. No word yet if it was cancerous. She is in ICU, she sounded very tired & weak, but I thankful for a successful surgery.

    Wind--I will keep you & your family in my prayers and Irene will blow off to the ocean.

    Thanks all for your prayers.
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    Have been praying for your friend. She sounds very precious to you! So thankful for successful surgery! Now waiting for further diagnosis. Will keep praying.

    Thanks for prayers. I'm praying for the sick and old, the vulnerable in this storm.

    Our area will have less wind force and rainfall than first predicted. Will almost definitely lose power for quite a while, but we're all prepared.

    My heart is resting in God's love, even though i have anxious bouts. Would still appreciate prayers.

    Will connect again when powers on.

    Blessings to your lil sis. She is so precious to God, he cares about everything!

    Love, Wind
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    So sorry to hear of your little sister but relieved she has come out
    of surgery. Am praying for her full recovery and for courage for
    all those worrying about her including yourself.

    God Bless
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    I didn't talk to my friend today but I spoke to her mom and she said her daughter slept most of the day--which is what the drs wanted. Her mom is totally stressed out and she stayed home to rest today too.

    Thanks all for your prayers and thoughts. She thinks it is cool that people who don't know her are praying for her.

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    So grateful they found that tumor. Now those headaches can be in the past.

    Keep us posted as to what is going on. Prayers for sure.
  8. Beadlady

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    The lab test came back NO Cancer!!! So this is a big relief. Little sis was finally moved to a regular room yestereday. A new cat scan was ordered for today, to re-check progress. Hopefully she will get out by the weekend.

    Thanks for all your prayers!
  9. windblade

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    I am so thrilled and happy to hear your good news!

    How wonderful - I am rejoicing for your 'lil sis' and for you, her Mom and family and all who love her.

    Love, Wind
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