Very strange questions at my psych meeting today for SSDI???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. ckball

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    Hi everyone, I have a question about my psych meeting for SSDI.Some of the questions were- What do a banana and a orange have in common, why are they different? What does a lion and dog have in common, why are they different. What does a suit and a overcoat have in common, why are they different. What does any of this has to with my ability to work!!!???? I just don't get it. Did anyone else get asked these questions. She did make me recite numbers, words, asked about current affairs, etc. How can they determine your disabled in a 45 minute meeting. No woder 80 percent of claims are turned down the first time. Thanks for your input, CB
  2. LauraLea

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    I am not the one to ask about this, but these sound like the type of questions they asked my mom when she was Dx'd with Alzheimer's...

    Very strange. I guess they have standard questions.
  3. ckball

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    thanks everyone, I understand the concept but I don't get it. They didn't make me take any tests other than the verbal. I was not able to do the math and actually got upset and cried because I realized I wasn't capable. When I was employed I was a bookkeeper/accounting assistant, so that was kind of scary. My claim is based on RA, Fibro, depression, & chronic fatigue and a multitude of medical problem, I take 14 prescriptions. The other scary thing was I actually looked better than the Dr. She had these weird ratted curly hairpeices stuck to her head and wore a velour type jogging suit. She walked with a limp/waddle thing. i don't usually judge people but my life in this woman's hands. I dressed in a nice sweater and slacks and combed my hair. Anyway, i degressed, this is a very strange government we live in, in many ways it is a wonderful to have our freedom but horrible when the system fails those who need it most.
  4. lisjhn

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    What else do they say...

    What does the phrase "a rolling stone gathers no moss" mean to you?

    How about, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

    What does that mean to you, CB? Explain for do you feel when I repeat those over and OVER AGAIN TO YOU!!!!

    I know, I'm so sick of those tests. I passed mine with flying colors, probably a bad thing though for my sake, although I did get a really bad headache 3/4 way through it and we had to turn out the lights and then she said I could go early, that's all she needed....

  5. ckball

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    What was a penny saved, a penny earned was one too. I want to know who created these "standardized tests' and what they are suppose to mean. When your sick you are sick and it doesn't matter what you think a banana and a organge have in common. my 2 cents :)
  6. lisjhn

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    Here is my statement:

    "There's no way I'd have the luxury to be in a crowded theater in the first headaches, body aches and nausea would prevent me from being able to leave the house and lead a so-called normal life. As a matter of fact, I've got to go, I've got lots of paperwork Social Security has sent me, then when I get through with that, I have to finish up my DSHS eligibility reviews, then my bankruptcy forms, then my insurance reapplications...thanks for asking though."

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    Hi ckball, and all the rest who responded to her post.

    I think I've learned quite abit about how to answer these questions when it's my time.

    My phyciatrist told me on my last visit to go ahead and
    file for SSDI. I was sorta sad at first, cause that meant
    she was confirming the fact that I probably would not be
    returning to work. She's been practicing for over 25 years
    so I feel pretty confident that she knows her stuff.

    Not only have I gotten some laughs on the respones to
    the original post, but, now I think I'll get my Phyc doc to
    drill me on some of the questions I'll be asked, She'll
    probably get a big kick out of it.

    I tend to believe I'm an intelligent person, but, it
    seems like one has to "play" dumb answering these questions

    I hope I didn't hurt any feeling by saying some of the
    answers were funny, but, I would never have thought to say
    anything but what I thought would be an intelligent answer.
    Guess I'd better think twice about it.

    I've enjoyed the post, and think we should really get
    the ball rolling by starting a poll to see who could come
    up with weird ways to answer questions. It would be good
    practive for some of us on the waiting list.

    Best wishes,
  8. teach6

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    He made a big deal about the way I drew a clock. When he commented on it while I was doing it I told him I did it the way I was taught in school and the way I always taught my second graders to do it. Apparently this guy had never heard of such a thing.

    I was taught to draw the circle, then put in the 12, 6, 3, and 9, so they are located correctly. After that I filled in the remaining numbers. Even though I explained it he made a big deal out of how strange it was!

    There were things I thought I was doing perfectly well on that I really screwed up. When I was done I asked him how I did and he told me I did fine on what I should have and messed up on what I should have. I have a copy of his report, so I know exactly what I did correctly and what I messed up on.

    Another thing he made a big deal of was that I couldn't draw a scale map to his office, even though I've lived in the county for 25 years. Of course he failed to mention that his office is about 25 miles from my home and I had never been there before.

    Even with all my years of driving to soccer games and swim meets (18 years!) I hadn't gone quite the way I went that day. So of course I didn't know how to draw a map to the correct scale. Now if he had asked me to draw one of my own neighborhood or area I could do it with no problem at all.

    I also had a psychiatrist's exam for my retirement claim. This guy was clearly slanted. He actually wrote that CFS is not a physical illness, it is commonly thought in the medical community to be all in the head. Can you believe that?! Then he went on and on about how I had been on HRT and I am not menopausal. It seemed to be his way of chipping away at my veracity. Of course, he never asked me WHY I was on HRT, or I would have gladly told him.

    He also made a big deal about my being well dressed. I sell clothes and get them at a 40% discount, so that is not unusual. I did not go out of my way to dress up for him, but I didn't go in rags either. I really don't have any old clothes left because I lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago and got rid of all the old stuff that didn't fit.

    This bozo's report made my doctor so angry that he has been running tests to prove him wrong. I had a positive tilt table test and when he ran a cortisol test mine was so low it almost didn't register! If I were depressed, as this guy claims, it would have been high, while CFIDS commonly causes it to be low. Between my doc and attorney I think I'll get my retirement on appeal.

    Of course we are sending the same tests to SS for my appeal to them also, so I feel a little better about it, but not as certain as I do about retirement. Retirement is what I'm really looking for more anyway. It will allow me to keep my insurance and also let me pay less than I am now for it.

  9. Dara

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    sound exactly like the ones they asked me. My exam was only verbal, no tests or art work included. I made the mistake of trying to do my very best. For me it's my nature to always want to succeed, probably hurt my determination. The problem with these tests as far as I'm concerned is that there are some days we really do good, but catch me on a bad day or early in the morning..

  10. kadywill

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    tell you *what* these sayings mean! I know if a stone is still, moss will grow on it, so a rolling one wouldn't have moss, but what's does it mean?? Plus, a penny saved is not a penny earned if you found it and saved it; you didn't earn it; what does *that* mean. I could NOT count back by nines unless you just started at 27!!! I couldn't count back by sevens unless you started at 21. I know this. I would draw a clock face exactly the way Barbara did~~that's what I learned when studying early childhood education and that's how I taught my kids. I couldn't draw a map to scale.....never could and I sure couldn't now; not if it were to a place I rarely go to. AND, if the doc said to me that I wasn't really sick, I wouldn't cry, I would stare at him and say that he didn't know jack s*%# and walk out....I know I would. I wouldn't do well at all on this, I'm afraid. Is that good or bad.
  11. ckball

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    Thanks to all that replied, I liked some of your answers better than mine. Madog have you ever had a paitent breakdown? I was not able to repeat more than 4 numbers back to her and could not count backwards from 7, nor could I remember the 3 words she asked me. I had a true anxiety well up in me when i realized I was not able to perform. I did get tears in my eyes but did not breakdown. She did give me a minute to compose myself then went on from there. What do you think, hurt me or helped?
  12. LindaLoonyTunes

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    I can just picture you trying to keep a straight face. Once I went to get hypnotized and the guy looked like steve urkel! Better yet when we got in the room he told me "to picture your ears as two pieces of material flapping in the wind!" Now what the heck was that supposed to do - all I could picture was big Dumbo ears flapping away - between that and his looks - there was no way I was going under!
  13. Dara

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    I certainly hope you weren't referring to me when you said we shouldn't "fake" it. I was not faking anything nor was I implying that anyone should. I did take my meds before I went in for my evaluation, if I had not I wouldn't have been able to make it there.