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    I was reading up on everyone's profiles and have noticed that an alarming number of us were either in or are still in the medical profession. Do you think that their could be a link somehow? some were EMT's some paramedics, some nurses and the list goes on. I just find it alarming at the number of us who do have some medical backround. um??????
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    well spotted - thats sure is funny. i have no doubts that one day medical science will find out what FM is and say that it is contagious somehow. until then, i just won't go near any of you! hahahaha! oops too late, already got it! what does everyone else think of this?

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    If I may.. I seriously think that alot of it comes from being A type and over achievers. I think that most of us that do have it were real go getters you may want to say. We may have an ache or a pain here or there BUT there is a house to clean, children to bath, and 8 to 12 hour work days on top of that. This is me i don't know much about the rest but for me. I would go all the time. I took tylenol for an ache or pain but I would never let it get the best of me. I would stay up all night long with sick children but still be to work with 2 or 3 hours of sleep, come home care for the family and then lay down to die for 5 hours before starting all over again on another day filled to the brim with activities and physical and mental stress involved. It was never ending for me. I know that there are a lot of medical fielders here but not all of us. But what that involves is a lot of what i have expressed from my life experience too, we always felt the need to put others before ourselves. This is just what I truly think. I can guarentee if i was still able to stand for 8 hours and race around the restuarant I worked at I would be there dispite the pain and fatigue I'd be working. The only reason i am not is because I can barely walk from this and that is why i stopped working. I hope this helps you a little.
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