very very weird pain situation

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    while I was asleep, my leg was across the other, putting pressure on the shin bone....the shin was starting to hurt but I didn't realize it because, duh, i was sleeping....

    what woke me was an agonizing pain on the bridge of my nose....IT woke me up and I was freaking out a bit because my nose bone hurt so bad! i even tried some breathing exercises to distract myself until the pain went away....

    that is when i noticed my shin was hurting....could the pain in my shin have sent out pain to my nose??? like some trigger point type of thing? it was so weird! it made me wonder about the fact that I have chronic back pain....Maybe the back pain causes the pain everywhere doc diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome first , then fibro....

    it just doesn't make any sense that i could have that kind of pain on my nose shin hurt from the other leg pressing on it....but my nose?????
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    I can't answer with any authority, but I can give you my own experience.

    There have been several times in my life when I have bumped/pinched/scraped one part of me, only to feel a twinge or stab in another area really far removed.

    I have no idea what causes this at all, but I agree that it is very weird.