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  1. babyk902

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    i've been noticing lately that i have been having VERY vivid dreams.. it's almost kind of scary... im in a super deep sleep, and every night the past few weeks my dreams have been really long and extremely descriptive and i remember so many different parts of it, i've noticed a lot of vibrant colors, which i don't normally pick up on. i normally wake up in the middle of the night sometimes but now i'm sleeping all through the night but im still absolutely exhausted when i wake up.. does anyone have dreams like this? i wonder if it could mean anything that im in SUCH a deep sleep?
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  2. cordy250

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    do you use melatonin or is it an ingredient in any other supplement that you use? Your description of the type of dreams is exactly what I have heard from several people that used it.
  3. Empower

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    Are you taking any meds?

    Sleep meds, Antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs can make you have some wild dreams
  4. drbygrl

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    Have been experiencing most of what you have described, without the exhaustion when I wake up. Thought it was just the weird side effect stuff one has to get used to (?) with some meds.

    Am not sure I go into a DEEP sleep; thought that was supposed to alleviate some of the symptoms I'm dealing with.

    Look forward to hearing from others re this.
  5. chriscott

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    I've been experiencing the vivid dreams for years now. Whenever they start up, I know I'm going to be exhausted when I wake up. They happen when I take no medication and when I take medication (Ambien CR). They often feel like they really happened and I have to stop and think to figure out if something has really happened. There's been more than one time that I've said something to someone and then realized what I said was a dream. My mom gets them also, no fibro for her though. I always think that if I could just stop dreaming I would feel better.
  6. RENA0808

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    I have had really vivid dreams for years!!!!
    If I fall asleep in the afternoon(which is a lot lol)I have horrendous scary dreams and I have also suffered from sleep parylsis(sp) where you are awake but cannot move a muscle!!Frightening!
    I am so used to them now but they are still scary1

  7. goog1212

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    Cymbalta and Lexapro both do that to me. Are you on any meds?

    I wake up feeling like I was at the movies all night. Not very restful! The good news is that now, after being on Cymbalta for a few years, the dreams occur less often.
  8. Engel

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    I got through periods of that also. Not so much lately. Have you had a sleep study?
  9. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    I don't really take any but i do take vitamins but i've never had a problem with crazy dreams from just taking vitamins! who knows what it could be.. but like someone said, i definitely wake up feeling like i just watched a movie.. i guess i'll just enjoy it for now as long as i dont get any nightmares lol
  10. lrning2cope

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    I have sleep apnea and when my c-pap (breathing machine) mask slips , my dreams come back. I even have dreams in the same place everytime like it is a continuined "life" . Same house , same people , etc.

    Sometimes I will half way wake up and want to finish the dream , so I go back to sleep and continue the story . wierd. It makes me fix the c-pap mask fast . The dreams are too tiring.