Vestibular Rehabilitation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. FM58

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    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone ever gone for vestibular rehabilitation?

    My ENT is sending me for this special kind of PT, for my extreme dizziness & balance problems. So, I am kinda wondering what to expect.

    My first appt is next week - it took awhile to schedule in an appt, due to only a few therapists do this type of therapy.

    I had my VNG test a few weeks ago - I could not even finish all of it! I had such a hard time with it : ( IT actually hurt when the tech attempted to "blow' cold air into my R ear. She did my L ear first, fine, some mild dizziness. But, "ouch"! So, she decided to stop the procedure there. The doc had enough information to decide that I have inner ear disturbance & need the V.R.

    I've already googled this, just wanted to hear anyone's experience w/ it. Just wondering what I should expect. I know, the first appt is a long eval - so I'll be there quite a while. Another PT I work w/ at the same place for another issue is giving this PT the low down on me -haha! So, at least she will be prepared : )

    Have a wonderful week-end everyone & Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear your green!

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    My understanding is it mostly consists of exercises that you do with your head and neck to realign the tiny "stones" in your ears that help us with balance. Nothing too strenuous. It may take time to see results but one lady I sent for this resolved her dizziness after 20 years.
  3. mezombie

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    It depends what diagnosis your doctor puts on your referral slip. There are many kinds of vestibular problems, and rehab differs depending on what you have.

    I was extensively tested before I suggested trying vestibular rehab. I didn't have any inner ear disturbance, but did have some dizziness and balance problems.

    In my case, the intake evaluation consisted of having me stand in a contraption that could be operated to move sideways, up or down, you name it. I was asked to try to keep my balance with my eyes closed and with them open (as my problem was definitely light or vision related). It really wasn't bad.

    The actual rehabilitation exercises consisted of trying to keep my balance while having bars on either side to grab on to if necessary. There were others, but I can't remember them, unfortunately. I think eventually I would have been asked to hit a tennis ball with a raquet. I quit as I was too sick to make it to the PT place regularly.

    The physical therapists were very kind and more than willing to stop the evaluation if I felt discomfort, or slow down the exercises if I asked them to.

    It can't hurt! I hope it helps you. The idea is to retrain your brain. Good luck!
  4. rockyjs

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    I had several sessions after getting West Nile encephalitis. I didn't have any "ear rocks" therapist said there were no brain lesions causing the dizziness, but rather the auditory nerve in my right ear was overprocessing information and making me disoriented.

    Oddly enough it was a lot of visual work that helped...things like walking down a hall with my eyes fixed on certain objects. Another exercise we did was standing on a piece of thick memory foam with my eyes closed - when I started sinking in it was very hard to keep my balance, but I learned to deal with the sensation.

    It made a huge difference for me - I was walking into walls and falling before the therapy. Hope it works for you -


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