Vibratey sensation that progresses to pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SaraL, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. SaraL

    SaraL New Member

    Hi every one:

    I have CFS, and I have been having this troubling new symptom for awhile now. I recently had MRI's done but apparently they haven't showed anything unusual. I just wondered if maybe any of you experience something similar?

    At first it was confined to my lower back and legs--mainly just left, and I thought maybe it was sciatica, or however you spell it. A vibratey sensation that could also feel kind of tingly or pulsating at times, and when it was strongest it felt like the building beneath me was shaking actually, or the bed. Then at its worst it would include areas of pain. It seemed to be aggravated by various physical activities though it was hard to pinpoint which, besides walking up and down hill was a definite trigger.

    Now it has spread (after over a year of just being mainly in my leg) to where it goes through pretty much my whole left side, including my face and entire arm. It seems aggravated by activity, but again hard to say what movements exactly. It usually feels vibratey, but also sometimes pulsating or tingling or slightly numb. When it is really bad it feels like strong strumming--something strumming inside me. It is weird-feeling and scares me sometimes. I get worried there is something else wrong with me, besides just plain old CFS, as if that isn't enough!

    I think my doctor plans to have me see a neurologist next. I just thought I'd ask if anyone has similar sensations--maybe it is not that unusual with CFS?? I don't know...I think I'd just feel better about it if I knew what was going on...and what is triggering it so I could avoid aggravating it.

    Thanks for any info.!!

  2. Bunchy

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    I have what I call juddering or buzzing sensations - they can be localized or all over often deep inside of me. The only thing that helps is a dose of Valium - gives me about 75% relief for a while. But you have to be careful with this drug as you need higher and higher doses because of tolerance as time goes on. I would definitely see the neurologist just in case although many tests and an MRI showed nothing for me. Good luck!

    Love Bunchy x
  3. blkkat

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    saral, for over a year ive had this tingling,numbness,buzzing VERY ICE COLD (pain feeling) all over but real bad waist down. neurontin helps w/my tingling some so i dont go too crazy but im at a 10 most days, i also take 5mg 3xday every day of oxycodone but only takes edge off. sitting is the worst for me! walking is hard too. i sleep w/a feather matt.on top of reg. matt. it helps. so sorry you hurt! HUGS! BLKKAT p.s DR. says i have FM but i bet i have CFS too.
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  4. SaraL

    SaraL New Member

    Thanks for responding! At least I know somebody else is experiencing similar odd sensations.

    Thanks, guys!

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