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  1. LadyMT

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    The past couple nights (and probably during the day too I just don't notice)part of my foot from the big toe to about halfway down on the inside edge feels like it is vibrating. It kind of vibrates, then stops, vibrates, then stops. I don't know how else to explain it. I asked my doc about it today and she just said "hmmm, that's odd, probably from the fibro". Anyone else?

  2. Shirl

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    I used to get that crazy feeling in my feet and arms. It all stopped when I started taking magnesium two years ago.

    Most of us are deficient in this mineral, and it covers a host of things in our bodies. Plus it heals sore muscles, and is a natural tranqualizer.

    Ask you doctor if you can take it, or have them check and see if you are deficient in it.

    HOpe this helps.........................

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. kerrymygirl

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    I get this vibration almost like an echo inside of me. It is very hard to explain. Sometimes it happens in spurts last for an hour or so. My friend thinks I am having mini seizure`s. It may be do to finanaces I have been stretching out my neurontin for a yr. or so. My left 3 toes and half way up my leg stays numb, not like the type that comes and goe`s. I take alot of minerals and vitamins and watch my diet. Malic acid or mag. has not helped. Not sure if it coming from spinal injury or side affects of lyme. So it is a bit of a mystery. Hugssss
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    I have experienced vibrations but it has happen only a few times and it happens when I lay down, it seems that my body is vibrating, the only way to explain it. It only last a few minutes, this pass year I have had so many weird things going on, neurological stuff and weird things and fatigue like you wouldn't beleive. Hope this helps..

  5. ephemera

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    Yes, my vibrations are sometimes like humming, sometimes like electrical sensations. The worst is when I'm in a chair like at the dentist & the dentist wants to raise or lower the chair & starts with a pumping motion. I've had to train my haircutter & the dentist to align the chair first, then I'll sit in it, or if it needs to be moved when their working that I've got to get up & reset the chair.

    Today, however, I went ballistic when having a rectal exam at the hospital for a new doctor. She had me lean over a table, then tried to raise it. I screamed no & pulled up from the table as fast as I could. I know I'll have vibrations resulting for days.

    best thoughts to all.
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    I have been vibrating for 3 years. Now it usually wakes me up. I turn over, get up and go to the bathroom in an effort to stop it. I even turn on the TV to drown it out so i can go back to sleep. I get it all over my body and there is no pattern to it. I think it's coming from my brain and may have something to do with the 15 to 20 white matter lesions that they found in my brain on an MRI. They thought it was MS but ruled that out and now say these lesions are from small vessel disease. I don't notice the vibration as much during the day as I do when I'm coming out of sleep. In the beginning the vibrations caused the doctor to get an MRI, then they found the white matter lesions, then a neurologist said sometimes vibrations are the first signs that people feel when they get MS. Two years later and a specialist in MS says I don't have MS. Now my doctor is sending me to a Psychiatrist to see if there may be a connection to my depression and migraines. I've had Fibro since 1982. In my research on the web I am finding that it might be connected to cognitive impairment in Chronic Fatigue.
  7. carolweedwad

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    I have tried magnesiun and even liquid minerals with no change in the vibration.

    The first time I noticed the vibration I was sitting in a recliner and the vibration was so strong I thought it was a big truck outside the blew me away when I discovered the vibration was inside me. My vibration is not anything like a tremor where I am physically moving, I'm just vibrating. I really feel that someday it will be discovered that these white matter lesion in my brain are somehow pressing on nerve endings and sending me these vibes........either that or I'll end up with MS and Fibromyalgia.