Vibrational Medicine -- any one know about it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pastorwife, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I have come across information about vibrational medicine that has intrigued me. My accupuncturist had me read some of it in her office. It seems to make sense, but I've only read 1 chapter in the book I got.

    Anyone else hear of it and know something about it?
  2. betsboop

    betsboop New Member

    what is it all about..vibrational medicine..does it have to do with accupuncture?
  3. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    It is "energy healing and spiritual tranformation."

    It's based on Einsteinian Physics & Quantum Physics rather than Newtonian Physics (I skimmed over that information in the book).

    It views the body as a dynamic energy system rather than a biomachine. (this really caught my attention)

    Mind and Spirit are true sources of consciousness (the actual operator who runs the brain) rather than seeing the brain as a biocomputer with conscousness as a by-product of the brain's electrical activity.

    Emotions and Spirit can influence illness via energetic and neurohormonal connections among body, mind, and spirit instead of emotions influencing illness through neurohormonal connections between brain and body.

    Treatment with different forms and frequencies of energy to rebalance body/mind/spirit complex instead of treatments with drugs and surgery to "fix" abnormal biomechanisms in the physical body.

    Taken from chart on page 3 of A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD.

    Examples listed on the cover of the book are: homeopathy, acupuncture, color and light healing, magnetobiology, and other therapies.

    It sounds like a lot of information, but what I basically get out of it all, is that energy is signicant to our well being (or not so well being). It comes in the form of different frequencies and strengths and lengths.

    Still have much more to read.
  4. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Quantum Physics is a term that is going to become more and more familiar.

    Science is actually proving that we do, by the power of intent, have the power to heal ourselves.

    The old placebo effect, that may have been scoffed at in years past, has actually been proven as of late, to be actually a healing modality.

    By positive thoughts, we can actually influence our health, and the health of the universe.

    And for the first time, scientists are actually agreeing that there is a life force out there. They don't want to actually call it God yet, but at least scientists are coming to the conclusion, by quantum physics, that there is a force out there.

    For those wanting some more information, you can check the thread, What the Bleep Do we Know. Some more info in regard to quantum physics and the power of intent.

  5. paulwin

    paulwin New Member

    Try Bach flower remedies. based on vibrational medicine and makes me feel great. Rescue Remedy is a good place to start. Paul
  6. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    I looked this up on Amazon to get more information along with the thread you mentioned. I am going to see if my local Walmart has it and pick it up there or else order through Amazon.

    I am certified in doing Reiki (level 2) so all of this goes right together: spirituality, energy/life force, my view of God as an energy force rather than something that looks more human. By reading the thread, I think you, mikie and I are pretty much like minded.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
  7. pastorwife

    pastorwife Member

    Thanks for reminding me about this. I was on the rescue remedy several years ago, but it did not help me at the time. Once I get off this "bleep" Effexor and my body settles down, I may try it again if I think I need it.
  8. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Pastorwife, haven't seen the movie yet, but I understand it is excellent.

    Something I think you'll want to purchase, if you can, and watch several times. Lots of info.

    Let us know how you like it if you watch it.

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