vibrations in feet and now in hand

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1by1, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. 1by1

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    have anyone of you experienced this? in my left food, it comes and goes every 5 seconds at a time. it is so wierd. and the left foot just feels like it is there, but not really there. last night i got it in two of my fingers running up my wrist. i feel like i am internally vibrating and it is so strange. is this part of the dd? what next?
    i dont want to worry anymore. anxiety is getting the best of me.
  2. do you mean you get a feeling like there is like electricity running through your hand or foot? I get that sometimes. Weird.
  3. lvjesus

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    I guess you could say it feels like electricity, but I do describe it as vibrating (very fast). I have it in my back muscles (I guess). I will sit up and ask hubby if he is moving. He says no, I say that is what I thought and forget about it.

  4. mtnfla

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    like muscle spasms all over feet,hands,back,etc..It especially happens when I'm trying to sleep,have no control over it at all and usually end up on the couch so the hubby can sleep without me keeping him all night.

    THere has been times that I get up and find him on the couch,because I was so exhausted I didn't feel it happening.
    Is a strange and weird feeling..

    Take care,
  5. 1by1

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    yes, and the one in my foot has been going on for days. usually it will go away right away, but not this time. and now in my hand. i feel like i am not in control of my body. this dd keeps me confused all the time, but good to know that others understand.
  6. 1by1

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    nice to know that someone will respond when you post something. i read so many responses from other people, but never really had that many replies to mine. thanks all for making me feel like i am not insane
  7. mtnfla

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    I think my Dr referred to it has involuntary muscle spasms and even though I'm on Zanaflex (muscle relaxer) 3 x a day,I still get them off and on..

    More so on if I try to do too much that day,so I'm trying to pace myself but that is hard to do especially if you get a burst of energy.

    You want to do as much as you can before you lose it and that causes you to over do it...
    I can't remember if you are on muscle relaxer or not,but if not maybe ask the Dr for sample and see if it helps any..

    Take care,
  8. Marikate

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    I don't have vibrations in my feet (as yet), but in my hands, especially my left hand---the whole hand feels as if I have electricity vibrating in it and it lasts quite awhile
  9. kishawn

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    I just started experiencing the vibrations in my feet this weekend. I'm constantly checking to see if my cellphone is ringing on vibrate, but i've learnt that it's just my left foot. It's funny because that's the only body part i've experienced it. I really feels like me cell phone is next to my foot or on me thats causing the vibrations, but its not. Was anyone able to figure out what the problem was?