Vicious Cycle of Life?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Jul 6, 2003.

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    I've pondered these thoughts a little, is life just a cycle of doom that will reach a final conclusion in just a matter of time? It just looks like these days that depression and people's lives' situations are just shooting down the toilet. I know that sounds kinda funny but since I've gotten this disorder I've seen so many situations from so many people around me that didn't really exist before, its like almost everybody has something severely wrong with them and its usually people-related troubles too. Its like someone is unhappy with their life so they put/place their insecurities in people who are happy with themselves and you see them fall apart, and then those people run to other good people for help to watch them fall apart, a vicious cycle. I mean is the big picture just a bunch of mistreated people mistreating more people which will mistreat more people and then we'll all get to meet each other sometime. It seems almost like you have to take things whether you are happy or not with it just to get through, just don't complain about it and everybody else will be alright. I'd imagine that family problems will bring out more people with depression in the end, and with these family members being part of our societies' they'll mix with other people to only multiply the situations as time goes on, basically the numbers are going to increase as time goes on. Its like I remember the 1980's as a awesome time, I had a great child-hood and I never thought that anyone or anything would ever change that feeling and mood but I was wrong, it was just a matter of time. I know, in the end, south central L.A. will be in everyone's neighborhood or wait a minute maybe its already there. I don't mean scare anyone or anything but I just believe that these conditional things will only get worse in time but I wish I could believe just the opposite. I'm not going to give up in my case but some things in life are just ugly. I hope you the best in your case as well.

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    Life is not a cycle of doom. With all our pain, it's still a beautiful world. God gets me through each day--usually minute by minute. The world is full of hurting people and we need to do what we can to help each other. BTW, the 70's were awesome-er. :^)

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    Good post Kurt, in a sense it can go that way, the world is corrupt, man corrupts the elements, and all those not in power are suffering from their selfish misuse of things that were all pleasant and beautiful. But there is still a lot of beauty around us, we simply have to find it and appreciate it.

    But if good men do nothing, that is the biggest crime of all.

    As for these illnesses, they could be caused by a million different things. The enviroment, the kind of people you so graphically portrayed, or it could be a very simple solution to it all, so far no one knows for a fact what the cause is, therefore no remedy as of now.

    When I personally realized that certain people can be 'toxic', and cause me more stress, therefore more pain and misery I simply cut them out of my life. It takes a lot of determination to do this, but I got to the point when it was 'you' or 'me', then you didn't have a chance.

    I went so far as to move out of a city I loved and was raised in(stressful) to the country (peaceful) nine years ago. It has been a tremendous help. Then I invested in Caller ID, another good way to cut down on stress, you just speak to who you want, and at your own choice of time.

    One of my son's was one of the biggest stressors in my life (all three of my children are adults), well I actually told him not to call or visit me untill he got his act together. It took him two years, but he did come around, now we get along just find.

    What I am trying to say, if at all possible you can make your life more pleasant, even in this chaotic, self loving world of people we are living in right now.

    As for those 'chains' of gossip that goes around in families and with friends, just let it stop when it gets to you. Thats one way to not keep it going till it gets out of hand completely.

    I am in the mist of a family problem right now, I wrote a friend this evening, and in one sentence she solved my problem, which of course stopped me from stressing about it. Just one sentence from a person who cares, and does not condemn or think the problem was not important.

    Since I decide to take my health seriously, and put me first I have come a long way in keeping stress at bay as much as any of us can.

    I pick my friends carefully, and I have shead those who insist on being negative, love to gossip, or are always complaining about things just for something to talk about.

    Life is much too short to live with people that keep your muscles tense all the time.

    As someone else here said, I depend on the Lord for my stength and fortitude to live the best possible life I can with this illness.

    For those who can't deal with my limitations, or want to simply be aggravating, I can do without them, be they family or friends.

    This is my world that I have created for myself because of a sickness that I did not ask for, when you step in it, then you are to abide by the rules I set forth.

    Shalom, Shirl